Product Updates – November

December 02, 2020

We’re in appgain, on a mission to help great apps grow to their maximum potential at the least cost possible. Our tech, product & customer success teams are working around the clock to achieve this mission by constantly developing new features, products & more suitable pricing plans. 

We’ve added more sophisticated analytics tools (Funnel Analytics & Custom Events Analytics), two new pricing plans, including a free one, new SDKs, and more!

So let’s get into them with some detail.


Funnel Analytics

With Funnel Analytics, you can have a visualization of your web /App user’s journey to complete certain tasks like making an order or upgrading to a premium plan.

This will allow you to identify the obstacles, bottlenecks, and frictions that prevent your users from converting and cause an inefficient user experience.

Events Analytics 

Now you can quantify your users’ behavior on your app using appgain events analytics. This will help you identify the most frequent user’s taken actions, for example, the most viewed product categories or most clicked discount pages, the actions your user struggles with, etc., and optimize your app experience based on the data available.

Team Role-Based Access

Instead of having one account for your app on the appgain platform, now you can add your team members as sub-users to our platform with a custom role for each one. Hence, they have access rights to specified data set according to their needs, responsibilities, etc.

Custom roles will enable you to create sub-users that can:

  • Have access to certain products only.
  • Have a  privilege to access certain products,  as read-only or read/write per product.

Sub users cannot:

  • Change /view payment info
  • Delete the project or his account


Web, Xamarin & Flutter SDKs

Now we have released Xamarin & Flutter SDKs, Plus a new version of web SDK with enhanced stability. So now appgain supports the following:

Web SDK Features:

  • Abandon cart notification over SMS, email, and web push
  • subscribe /unsubscribe in web push
  • Log purchase transaction
  • Events Logging
  • Fire Marketing Automation
  • initialized with projected and API Key
  • init SDK: to retrieve App backend info
  • Add users: via rest API
  • Update users: via rest API
  • delete users: via rest AP


Free Plan ?

If you are a fresh new app and still haven’t generated enough $$, we created this plan for you.
You can have a free account on appgain and access products like omnichannel messaging, deep linking, mobile attribution, marketing automation & more. Designed for apps that have up to 30K users.

Startup Plan ?

We launched a new pricing plan designed specifically for startups that have less than 50K active users & are less than 3 years old. You will have access to numerous features like marketing automation, re-marketing, uninstall tracking, video push notifications & more. For more details, you can check our announcement here.


Coming Soon

Workflow Journey Designer

Many of our customers have asked for it and now we’re building it. With this feature, you will be able, through drag & drop, to visually design and build different scenarios for your users based on their behavior so they can have a personalized user experience.


WhatsApp Messaging


In addition to email, push notifications, web push & SMS, soon you will also be able to instantly engage your users through WhatsApp Messaging.


Twilio SMS Integration

We are about to finish up our Twilio SMS integration, so you can easily send and receive SMS from your users.

Still, got questions? Do not hesitate to reach out for assistance and Contact Us!