Funnel Analysis

Funnel Analytics

Identify how users navigate your app and where exactly they drop off. Get immediate answers to questions such as How do I...

  • Where are we losing most of our customers once they sign up?
  • What do users do after viewing a product?
Revenue Analytics


Revenue, ARPU, and Transaction

Easily track and analyze revenue data in real-time, so you can make informed decisions and drive growth.

Mobile Attribution

Track Revenue From Acquisition Campaigns

Maximize your mobile advertising ROI and unlock the full potential of your campaigns with Appgain and Kochava, from tracking installs to monitoring user engagement

Mobile Attribution
track events of acquisition


Track Events Of Acquisition Campaigns

Track Post Install Events and Link them to Acquisition Campaigns, supported by our MMP partener

Get All in One Behavior Analytics, Engagement, Omni Channel, and Marketing Automation