Rich Push Notifications

Push with Video, Gif, Youtube or HTML!

Rich Push Notifications
Track Revenue from each Push Campaign

Rich Push

Track Revenue from Each Push Campaign

Don't settle for guesswork; take control of your push campaigns and see the difference for yourself.



Video Push Notifications

Send mp4 videos, either landscape or portrait mode video, with an embedded call to action button to drive users to flow to your desired destination.


HTML Push Notification

Send interactive push notifications with HTML content, displayed outside the App, and even in phone lock screen.


Robust Rest API

Automate campaigns and one-to-one notifications with integration with your system via our Rest API


Campaigns Analytics

Detailed Campaigns Analytics


Notification Templates

Spend less time and efforts on marketing campaigns with reusing your notification text templates , with personalization variables support to customize push content for each user.


Multi-Language Push Notifications

the ability to send push text and title in multi-language So that it depends on device language .

The Benefits for Marketers

live time conversion tracking

live time conversion tracking

Appgain campaign analytics will provide you with live time conversions at the same moment and will show the users who are purchae,open the pushes

Calculate the total revenue

Calculate the total revenue

Calculate the total revenue gained from each campaign on the specified date range to determine what exactly you are obtaining on the spot.

Your data will be stored

Your data will be stored

Rest assured that all your data will be stored and highly secured in one place, with the option of exporting it to Excel and CSV.  We're making it much easier for you to structure the data for remarketing.