Product Update April 2021

April 07, 2021

What’s New

Each month we’re adding more reasons why you should use Appgain for your customer engagement campaigns. We’re listening to the ones who chose us, we adjust the feedbacks. In other words, your opinions come alive at Appgain. For the April product release, we have added WhatsApp for your 360 marketing, SMS message counter, and some UI developments. You can find the details below. 

•WhatsApp as Automation Channel: Now you can add WhatsApp messaging as part of your omnichannel messaging automation & campaigns. 360 marketing brings better ROI. Increasing your channels will make you reach more users & a success rate. You can send messages to a member of yours who has clicked on a customer service button in your app/ website. You can send your forms & announcements via WhatsApp. You can use your Twilio account or purchase an app for business messaging Packages from us.

•Campaign Summary Usability Enhancements: We care about your experience: now you can view the campaign revenue from the campaigns summary page, instead of going to each campaign analytics screen.

•Multi SMS UI Alerting: Sending SMS can be tricky if your audience requires different language SMS’s: English SMS characters & non-English SMS character limitation is different when you send lengthy campaign SMS, you may pay double or triple your SMS cost. To help you control your SMS campaign cost, SMS campaigns composer UI option has been created to tell you how many SMSs messages per user you will be able to send. 

Thank you for the interest you showed in all the plans of Appgain. We’re working hard with motivation to provide you the best all-in-one marketing platform and at the same time help you to decrease your costs without compromising data collection or any performance. 


Free Plan Changes: As you all know, we love sharing our services with all Programmers, Marketers & Business Owners out there. With the increase in demand, we decided to adjust our pricing for further development & optimization of our App so that you’ll get a better customer engagement platform for all your needs. With this change, the Free plan will still match smaller startup’s needs & campaigns. Traffic for smart links and landing pages limit is decreased & mobile attribution product has been excluded. 

Price Increase Coming on 15’th April: Due to the increasing hosting prices such as web hosting prices and some other external raises, we will be applying some adjustments to our pricing plans to give you a better Appgain experience. With this adjustment, you’ll still receive the same value and within months you’ll hear more updates & improvements for your Appgain experience. The new plans will be valid starting from the 10’th of April. You can reach the pricing plans here: The customers with valid offers will not be impacted. Feel free to contact us with all your questions. 

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