Appgain Product Update V8 & Shopify Integration

May 29, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce our first Shopify integration, providing you with many beneficial features for your E-commerce business.

First Shopify App

Appgain’s first Shopify App links your mobile app with your web Shopify store, boosting your business through the following features:

  • WEB2APP: Bring web visitors into your app.
  • Offer mobile-app-only discounts for users converted from the web to mobile app users.
  • Send Deep linked Push Notifications to drive the users to a specific collection or the product page.
  • Sync Shopify Products with Appgain App Deep links.
  • Creating Short and Retargeting Links for each Shopify  Product.
  • Automatically map the URLs of your Shopify products to Smart Deep Links to direct the users to the mobile app, even if they don’t have the app.

Now Available in Private mode only

shopify app integration


New Appgain Flutter SDK

  • You can now install Appgain SDK at your flutter App in a few minutes with the Appgain public module. 


Shopify integration and Appgain flutter

Marketing AutomationBulk Mode and UI rework

The support of our platform for mobile Apps is growing as your user base grows. We have rewritten our marketing automation invocations to process users in arrays for bulk actions rather than one by one processing as a reaction to our client’s demands.

And for better results, we have redesigned and redeveloped the UI of our marketing automation scenario composer to be effortless and efficient.

Smart Deep Links- MultiCustom Domains

Our Smart Deep Link is an Appgain Short and Pixel retargeting ready linking product. As a result, Smart Deep Links can now be attached to multiple custom domains. So if you have various brands or several brand names, you can use the same Appgain Project to handle its short links.

smart deep links & Shopify integration

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