Product Updates October

October 04, 2021

We are so excited to announce the latest updates in Appgain automation! They’re designed based on your feedback and ready for your use! Let’s have a look at what’s new:

Multi-Notifications Per Messaging Channel

For the past two years, our marketing automation has been limited to one message per messaging channel. To explain more, for abandoned cart notifications, you can send only one SMS, one push notification, and one email. We have received lots of requests from our clients to add more flexibility, so today we are releasing a more advanced version that allows you to send an unlimited number of push notifications, emails, SMS, and web pushes to recover abandoned carts. Onboard your new users!

Advanced Email Automation

Now you can customize email subjects for each email reminder. Appgain is also usable for cold emailing automation. 

Multi-Custom Domains

Appgain’s version of, Mobile Landing Pages, and our alternative Smart Deep Links have always been cornerstones for our digital marketers in customer acquisition, social media, and Link in Bio campaigns. However, it was always limited by one custom domain (CNAME) record.

Today, we are rolling out our support for having an unlimited number of MultiCustom Domains.

Mobile Attribution Acquisition Report: Measure Post-Install Events

We have been getting requirements from our clients to use Appgain Smart Deep Links in tracking influencers and SMS App campaign performance to link post-install events to acquisition tracking links. 

Today, with the latest upgrade, digital marketers can measure the performance of influencer campaigns in terms of registration events.

Even though we work on Appgain all the time, sometimes it may seem that little is happening. This changelog is here to improve that very important part of our communication among ourselves.

Mobile Landing Pages, Desktop UI

Now it appears in a vertical layout on big screens, for better UI.

Free Plan Changes

  • Only one free app per account: Now, free plan subscribers can have only one free app per account.
  • Automatic cleanup: non-active free subscriptions for 1 month will be deleted in an automated way.

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