New Appgain Pricing

June 08, 2022

As everything in the world is experiencing some economic influence, SaaS is also affected! Software services and solutions are continuously updated. Thus, they get influenced by global events easily, and so are Appgain products!

Why Are SaaS Prices Increasing?  

As previously mentioned, just like other businesses, upholding high quality and continuing to grow comes on top priority. While clients usually purchase SaaS tools in monthly/annual bundles, the more value they provide, the more it’s logical to justify price increases, which experts believe the industry will start seeing annually in the SaaS world. 

So when Appgain updates its pricing plan, it’s happening while considering our client’s most pleasing benefit.   

appgain SDK packages - pricing plan

Appgain Pricing Plans

We had to review our pricing strategy considering the latest global events, which affected the whole market. Yet, we want to ensure providing our customers with optimum value, so we made updates on our bundles and announced Appgain’s Shopify App as our top priority at the moment.
And to sustain our premium services and develop more solutions for you, we have decided on the following:
– There won’t be an Free Plan anymore.
– Launching Micro product for digital marketers,, a URL Shortener, Curated Pages and Retargeting Platform for digital marketers and e-commerce businesses, with associated Shopify App we are increasing the subscription fees.

shrinkit link shortner - appgain pricing

How Do You Benefit From This Price Increasing?

Our updates aim to provide all our clients with the best possible value for their money, so our new plans also mean that Appgain will have even more perks for boosting your business as follows:
1- Leading to more business growth
2- Increasing your sales via more features
3- Enhancing the customers’ journey on your platform
4- Developing sufficient loyalty programs to keep your customers engaged

Must Remember
Increasing prices is not necessarily a negative thing or a bad omen! It actually shows that you’re receiving better quality, updated software, and more features with real ROI.
As the SaaS world is more about value than price!

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