Appgain works on AI innovations as a member of NVIDIA Inception Program

May 09, 2023

We are thrilled to share an exciting announcement
AppGain has been accepte d into the prestigious NVIDIA Inception Program

Joind to NVIDIA Inception Program is  This momentous achievement marks a significant milestone in our journey towards
revolutionizing the world of AI-driven software development.

Joining forces with NVIDIA, a global leader in artificial intelligence and accelerated computing,
propels us towards new heights of innovation and positions us at the forefront of cutting-edge technology.

The Power of NVIDIA Inception

  •  The NVIDIA Inception Program is renowne d for fostering the growth of exceptional startups in the AI ecosystem

As a member of this esteemed program, gains access to a wealth of resources, support,
and collaboration opportunities that will enable us to accelerate the development of AI-powered solutions.


  • Through the Inception Program, we will have access to NVIDIA’s industry-leading technologies
    including (GPUs and deep learning frameworks), along with developer tools and technical support.
  • This partnership opens avenues for us to explore and harness the full potential of AI, driving us to create groundbreaking applications and deliver even greater value to our clients

We believe that being accepted in the NVIDIA Inception program will help us to introduce more AI use cases like:-

    • Utilize NVIDIA’s machine learning capabilities to better understand your target audience and their preferences, enabling Clients
      to create more personalized and relevant mobile ad campaigns
    • Use NVIDIA’s real-time ad optimization to analyze user behaviour and optimize ad delivery for maximum engagement and conversion.
    • Employ NVIDIA’s deep learning capabilities to develop predictive models that can identify users most likely to convert,
      allowing Marketing Automaton Engine to target them with more relevant ads and increase conversion rates.


Leverage NVIDIA’s natural language processing (NLP) technology to analyze customer feedback and sentiment, enabling our users to tailor their mobile ad messaging to resonate with their audience


Ready to Witness the Power of AI? Join on Its Journey as an NVIDIA Inception Program Member!