Appgain Startup Program

November 04, 2020

In the post COVID19 pandemic era, charging mobile-first startups thousands of dollars to grow their struggling businesses is no longer fair!

Being a startup ourselves, bootstrapped until a few months ago, we decided to review our pricing structure to support business in Post Covid19 time. 

Today we are excited to announce a new pricing plan and feature update, a plan created to help small app owners and businesses boost their App revenue.

Introducing the Appgain Startup Plan

A startup plan is suitable for startups in all stages, even early-stage B2C startups. Purposely created to help startups and small businesses to grow up at a stable pace.

We believe that this plan’s core value-added is the real key that many startups seek nowadays. After COVID 19, you can find the best beginning that your business needs at an affordable price.

So, our main focus was to provide your business with a startup-friendly price and the best startup program as it’s the key to achieve your startup goals.

The Appgain Startup Program is for Apps that have up to 50,000 monthly active users, alongside our best engagement tools.

⭐️Marketing Automation: Influence your users’ actions by pushing highly-targeted and relevant content through mobile app multi-channel marketing. It can help design automated marketing campaigns for the entire mobile customer lifecycle, with Omnichannel messaging through push/web push /Email /SMS channels, for up to 6 automation scenarios.

⭐️Remarketing: retarget your users as soon as they open your links or even removed your app on all major social media/ads platforms.

⭐️Mobile Attribution: Get visibility of customer acquisition channel, and ROI  of each channel, Track Downloads per channel, Sales from users of each channel.

⭐️Smart Deep Link: A short link that allows you to route the user to a specific page inside an app, with built-in social media retargeting up to 500K Hits/month

⭐️Live Segments: Segment users by their in App Actions and Events can have up to 10 Live segments.

⭐️Rich Push Notifications: Appgain offers unlimited Rich Push Notifications, send push with a gif, HTML content, and video push, combined with push localization, the ability to send push in multi-language.

⭐️Web Push Notifications: Browser push that works without an app for up to  50k subscribers.

⭐️SMS Campaigns: interactive SMSs, powered by Appgain smart deep link and landing pages, users are routed to pay, post a tweet, or a page in your app. , use your own SMS provider or buy an SMS package from us.

⭐️Email Campaigns: Deliver emails in Rich HTML or text, for both  Transactional or Campaign mode, the Startup plan has 50K emails/send credit.


Who is eligible?  

How does Appgain Startup Plan add Value to Your Startup?

It’s a great step for Appgain to work with startups and help them grow faster as we offer you a lifetime plan with only 49$  per month.

Also, our team will provide you with all guides and assistance through our Ebooks and webinars to help you get the benefits from the plan and back you up to prosper your startup.

In Appgain, it’s all about the value we add to our current and coming partners. Helping startups is one of the best decisions that we have taken lately watching them grow and successfully achieve their financial target makes us delighted and excited to partner up.  ??

Redeem startup plan now and have 2 months FREE for a limited time till 30 Nov ?