Product Updates – July: New Features That You Should Not Miss

July 12, 2020


Humans are unpredictable. You could never anticipate how someone will act next. That is the main reason why businesses should grasp as much information as possible with regard to their audience. 

At we always work on our R&D in order to enhance your experience and provide you with the most advanced features that benefit your business and facilitate your marketing efforts. 

 Here we will get you prepared with our latest campaign analysis tool to make sure that you get the best informative statistics possible and build your way up from there.


Today we are thrilled to walk you through our latest feature Segmentation. This feature will help you, group users, according to their behaviors, and see for yourself how they interact with your App. You could divide users according to the following criteria:

Past Behaviour 

Past Behaviour segments enable you to dissect users based on activities that they have done in the past. From purchase transactions to previous responses with Smart Deep Links and Rich Push Notifications. You name it we got it. 

Live User 

Live User segments allow you to track how users are interacting with your App in Real-Time. Based on your set criteria for segmentation, the software will be able to relocate users into or out of segments according to how different or similar they take actions compared to the parameters you have selected.


Create your Own 

Unleash all the constraints and customize your own segment by selecting any parameter from the Rich User Profile filters. Once selected the software will align the right applicable audience to match your new segment.

Segmentation is your saving grace when it comes to recognizing your audience and understanding their needs. Sort your users according to their past and current actions or personalize your own using our various parameters. 


Campaign Revenue Tracking

The new version of the campaign analysis will provide you with live time conversions at the same moment and shows the users who are converting by the SDK trigger identification

Calculate the total revenue gained from each campaign on the specified date range to determine what exactly you are obtaining on the spot.

Rest assured that all your data will be stored and highly secured under one place with the option of exporting it to Excel and CSV. Making it much easier for you to structure the data for remarketing.


Zapier Integration 

Workflows could sometimes be overwhelmingly complicated. That is why integrating everyday tasks and documents will do your business an incremental favor of saving a great deal of time and reinforcing your final performance execution. 

Create one or more triggers for Zapier to transform your data inputs into insightful information for your business operations. 

Here are the triggers we provide so you can activate any Zap:

  • User Removed the App
  • New User
  • User Event
  • Tracked App Installation
  • Tracked app installation revenue



Once the data is translated, Zapier will be able to deliver the information needed so you could export it for additional marketing like adding them to your Custom or Matched Audiences lists across social media channels to retarget users. Enabling this integration is like a piece of cake. All you need to start is following a few simple steps and you will be good to go.

Meticulously put together the best plan and push  your business forward with our spot-on analysis tools and get a grip of your users and let loose with


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