Announcement , Mobile deep linking release

January 13, 2018

Back in 2004, during the Nokia Era, we started as a small team of engineers who got together to develop J2ME apps.

It was shortly after that we came to know the hard way, that things do not just stop there, they actually start.

I have then begun thinking about doing mobile app marketing differently.

My motivation was to replace the outdated marketing techniques with cost-effective and productive ones.

It took me many years of research and planning to come up with the idea of,

a toolbox of cloud services that suits primary needs for mobile-first companies and indie developers

driving downloads and engagement for your app calls for sometimes complicated and rather costly techniques,

this is where we come in. We draw cost-effective methods that help your app reach users and engage with it,

even if they haven’t downloaded it yet!

Mobile deep linking

Today we are happy to announce the release first solution for App developers marketing issues, Mobile deep linking, a mobile deep linking service.

They are links that take the user into different paths depending on the environment where the link is opened thus making the user move forward without breaking the experience.

For instance, if a user clicks on a deep link that is supposed to take him/her to a specific section of an app,

but that app has not been installed on this device, Then the user will get an error, and the user flow stops.

By using a smart deep-link, it would send the user to an alternative route such as the app store.

Therefore, keeping a smooth experience for the end-user and driving up new installs.

Mobile deep linking can recognize the device that is opening the link, and check if the app is installed before trying to send a user there.

They also can take different paths if the app is not there.

Moreover, Smart link has multiple use cases, such as:

  • App install campaigns.
  • App content promotion.
  • User engagement, personalized onboarding.
  • Web-to-app user conversion.
  • User acquisition channel segmentation.
  • App-affiliated Marketing.
  • Location-Aware Marketing.

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