Product Updates – August: New Features That You Should Not Miss

August 17, 2020


Humans are unpredictable. You could never anticipate how someone will act next. That is the main reason why businesses should grasp as much information as possible with regard to their audience. 

At we always work on our R&D in order to enhance your experience and provide you with the most advanced features that benefit your business and facilitate your marketing efforts. 

 Here we will get you prepared with our latest campaign analysis tool to make sure that you get the best informative statistics possible and build your way up from there.

We’ve added new Ionic SDK, Multi-users roles, Push notifications localization, and more! 


Ionic SDK

Now we have released the Ionic SDK, in addition to : 

  • Android Native SDK
  • ReactNative SDK
  • ionic SDK
  • iOs SDK

Advanced segmentation

Now the user properties are now listed dynamically in the filters, instead of limiting the marketers to create segments only with a fixed list of user properties, now they can add whatever user property they want to track and segment the users based on it, in other words, if added user property (age), then you can see it immediately in the dashboard and filter based on its values.

the ability to select custom events in filters from the filters list, unlike in the previous release when you can to enter the custom event name, action and values keys manually, now you can add them (via API for this release) and also see them in the list of events in the filter

Advanced user segmentation:

  • segment for users installed the app from a certain campaign
  • segment for users who opened a push campaign or purchased from it
  • segment for users who received automation message
  • segment for users who canceled luxury car that was booked in pairs
  • segment for users who purchased from push campaign
  • user funnel building and more


Multi-users Roles

You can add your team members to your app with a custom role for each one. User rights are admin and custom roles.

Custom roles will enable you to create sub-users that can:

  • Have access to certain products only
  • Have a  privilege to access certain products,  as read-only or read/write per product

Sub users cannot:

  • Change/view payment info
  • Delete the project or his account


Now you can use appgain automation tools on your website, even if you don’t have an app.


  • Abandon cart notification over SMS, email, and web push
  • initialized with projected and API Key
  • init SDK: to retrieve App backend info
  • add a user: via rest API
  • update user: via rest API
  • delete a user: via rest API
  • subscribe /unsubscribe in web push
  • Log Purchase transaction
  • Events Logging
  • Fire Marketing Automation



Push Notifications Localization

Now you can send the same push campaign in multi-languages.


Rich Push With MP4 Video

Now you can upload your own MP4 files in the rich push notification.

Coming Soon

  • Now you can use appgain automation tools on your website, even if you don’t have an app.
  • Free plan!
  • new dashboard UI
  • New website
  • Apple ioS14 IDFA
  • First ad network integration – Apple search ads partnership


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