What it is omni channel marketing and why should you use it?

January 13, 2022

Why omni channel marketing is the next big thing?

Since the iPhone entered the world in 2007, the smartphone became an essential part of our lives.

For many people, our smartphone is the very first thing we tend to check in the morning and the very last thing at night.

We can’t leave the house, without it.


With people using their mobiles than ever, brands are racing to recognize how they can use mobile to tell stories and connect with consumers.

It’s not just about making the content look good on a small, screen; it’s also about delivering to the consumers’ personalized right message at the right moment.

mobile marketing

Mobile has created new opportunities for marketers on a scale never seen before– and it’s only going to get bigger. As of 2016 10 billion Mobile vs. 7.2 billion world population, there are more mobile devices in the world than people. omni channel marketing is only going to grow.

So, What is omni channel marketing?

omni channel marketing is a multi-channel, digital marketing strategy aimed to reach an audience on their smartphones, tablets, via

• Mobile websites

• Email


• Social media

Push notifications

• iBeacons: for location-aware marketing

• and the latest channel, Facebook messenger.

Mobile Marketer has to offer customers with time and location sensitive, personalized message that promotes products, services, and ideas.

Here’s why marketers need to notice to the power of mobile.

1. Mobile is On go-to medium

People look into mobile screens more than ever, IDC analysis shows people spend an average of 195 minutes per day using their smartphone.

For the first time, marketers need to be ready to reach customers 24/7.

Thus you would like to be able to interact with customers once they want you – whether or not for searching, or product info or complaints.


Mobile is On go-to medium - Mobile Marketing


2. Mobile commerce is on the rise

Shoppers are turning to their mobiles. According to HubSpot: mobile commerce will command 24.4% of overall e-commerce profit by the end of 2017.

Now it’s down to brands to capitalize on the mobile revenue stream, using mobile-specific advertising, search engine marketing, and mobile-friendly web pages to get in front of shoppers when it counts.


Mobile commerce is on the rise Appgain


3. Shoppers use mobiles in the physical store too

Three out of four shoppers do product research on mobile devices while being physically in the store, according to Marketo.

For Retailers, they need to integrate mobile into shoppers in-store, Hyper-targeted mobile ads, Location-aware mobile web push are an excellent place to start.

Shoppers use mobiles in the physical store too - Appgain Mobile Marketing

Where do you start? Focus on getting the basics right first:

• Ensure your website is mobile-friendly:

Ensure your website is mobile-friendly

Google has released a tool to check your website mobile friendless. https://search.google.com/search-console/mobile-friendly

• Implement omnichannel marketing communication:

Start communicating with customers through multi-channels, from SMS, APP push to Web push, and Facebook messenger.

• Offer Mobile Discount Voucher/ Coupons:

According to a report from Coupon consumers in the US who used a mobile coupon in 2015 grew 18% to 92.6 million, 42% of mobile users have used a mobile coupon, also the redemption rate of mobile coupons is ten times higher than those of printed coupons, with 65% redeem mobile coupons within 5 minutes.

• Mobile payment friendly options:

Give your customers a flexible and mobile-friendly payment method, for microtransactions, utilize a premium SMS payment, other alternatives to be offered are apple wallet, pay on delivery, and credit card. However, the provided payment option should depend on credit card penetration in the customer country and the value of the transaction.

omni channel marketing is going to grow, so make sure you have the tool to stay ahead of the game.

And what better way to get ahead of the games than trying for yourself and figuring out your style?

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