Web Push Notification and how it is significant for Digital Marketers?

January 13, 2022


Web Push Notifications are very smart clickable notifications or messages that are sent by a website directly to the browser of their subscribers or users of their mobile applications. They are not different from mobile app push notifications except that they work on websites and can be accessed on all devices (desktop, mobile & tablet).

Mobile app notifications are messages that sent by a specific app that land in your notification tray to make it easy for you to reach the link that will serve your needs or what the app wants you to engage with.

This year as of Chrome version 42, Push notifications “allow your users to opt-in to timely updates from sites they love and allow you to effectively re-engage them with customized, engaging content.”

Web push notifications can be sent to notify users or subscribers about new things through:

  • Content: Send them “push notifications” through a new blog post, podcast or video.
  • Offers: Websites announce a new offer or sale that can serve the user or subscriber.
  • Shopping Cart: Bring them back to an abandoned shopping cart.
  • Survey/Poll: Getting feedback on the product or service from subscribers.

How do Website Push Notifications work?

It’s very simple and easy to make website push notification work through installing a specific mobile app,

and when the app asks you to give you daily notifications on your device as permission to send you app’s push messages,

that will notify you the information you need. 
Furthermore, these are the steps of how push notifications work:

Step 1: Triggered Opt-In Box

  • The moment that someone of users or subscribers visits a website an opt-in box is triggered and once the visitor clicks on “Allow to push notification messages,” he will add automatically on the list of subscribers.

website push notifications

Step 2 – Send Push Notifications

  • Once a visitor added to the subscribers’ list, you can send them mobile web push notifications or Desktop push notifications.
  • These push messages must contain title and body that are modifiable with a limit of certain characters and specify a URL.
  • These notifications will show up while you are browsing or even if subscribers are not open the browser. After that, when the notification shows up, and subscribers click on it, the specified URL will open up.

what is web push


How Website Push Notifications is significant for Digital Marketers?

1. Send Time-bound Offers and Deals

Customers don’t want to miss out on great offers. Notify them about upcoming time-bound deals to create a sense of urgency so that they act on it. Schedule and set an expiry date and time, so they don’t end up getting irrelevant notifications. 
Moreover, this type of notification improves your customer engagement rate. Furthermore, notifications provide for all people whatever they use IOS or Android system. So, it will be a great thing to send both IOS and Android push notifications for the customers to present offers and discounts easily.

what are web notifications.

2. Deliver Personalized Offers Based on On-Site Behavior via push notification

Delivering personalized offers based on website behavior is a considerable way to bring customers back.

For example, if a user spends some time on a particular product page, send a push notification saying that a 20% discount is available on the product for the next 60 minutes.

Or, if the user has rebounded after browsing some latest award-winning movies, lead him with a notification to the Academy Award-winning movie from last year.

This is one of the best use cases for browser push notifications since notifications can be set up in such a way that they are sent immediately after the user drops off a page. It’s becoming more useful/ used than other channels since there is no delay between the bounce and the message.

browser push notifications

3. Automate Your Blog Readership through RSS-to-Push notification

This step is one of the very useful steps, especially for bloggers.

RSS-to-email is very well-known to most of the bloggers,

which is a mechanical way of the newsletter that subscribers can get from sending an automated email every time you publish something new in the blog.

RSS-to-Push can apply it, and it’s very similar to push emails service, to make it easy to send automated push notifications to subscribers whenever a new post is published to your blog.

As more sites use push notification service, it is becoming apparent content consumers more approachable to receive content through a low-touch real-time medium like push notifications compared to an email.

4. Cart abandonment no more!

Looking for a solution to reduce cart abandonment? Just shoot out a reminder notification like,

“Hey, 1 item in your cart is now on discount! Buy before the stock runs out.” or “You have 1 item left in your cart. Do you want to buy now?”

This will land them back to the checkout page and prompt them to complete the transaction.

web push notifications

5. Upsell and Cross-sell

Upsells and cross-sells only work when they’re relevant to the original purchase. When you’re upselling or cross-selling an item, see to it that it’s a better version of what they’re buying and a product that goes with their purchase.

To reach that well, you may need to divide your subscribers into different groups based on their purchase and behavioral data, then send each of the recommendations using web push notifications on their browser.

LOYALTY, it’s the perfect thing you get from your customers when you follow this smart idea. TRUST, also the customer will start the trust in your services and products that you send them as notification messages. It provides a lot of customer’s time for doing many researching.

push notifications

6. Get feedback from your visitors

Feedback is the most important point to know how customers react to your notifications and how it could be useful for them. A great way to use website push notifications is to get feedback from your visitors on the quality of your content, what kind of content do visitors want, how to make the website experience better, etc.

Website owners receive feedback from their readers in two major ways: Emails and Survey Links. These have their limitations which hinder their effectiveness. For example, contacting visitors through email is great, but you typically do not have the email address of most of your visitors. Email feedback method, therefore it suffers from incapacity to reach the majority of your visitors.

Feedback is essential for every firm but it can be difficult to obtain honest and genuine feedback at times.

However, the use of push notification messaging can improve this process thanks to its opt-in rate performance (better than email);

and you can elicit responses from people after they have been away from your site.

There is a belief that on-site feedback is more likely to be biassed towards a positive review of the company, so allowing a user to provide opinions after they have spent time away from the site may allow for more genuine feedback.

7. Build a Mobile App on the Cheap

Get more visitors on your mobile/desktop website and make them subscribers to can send them web push notifications, instead of building an app to send immediate notifications to users.

Researchers say that most companies websites (mobile websites), gets more visitors than Apps do and building app does not make any sense to a financial and business standpoint. Web push notifications are the best way to increase interaction and communication with your readers.

8. Setup is simple and foolproof

There is a new great tool that can make you set up push notification and starting to send them within 5 minutes.

This tool needs users to access with a specific code in the closing head tag of their web pages.

After that, the user can use the tool’s dashboard or get new subscribers and send them notifications. 

Another advantage of this tool with sending push notifications that can provide notifications, improve the experience of readers through Opt-in triggered feature.

To boost your engagement rate with Appgain Web Push Notifications, check the feature page from our website. 

In closing, website push notifications is a powerful tool in the hands of businesses to communicate with their audience in real-time and at a very personalized level.

Being aware of this tool is critical if you want to maintain a healthy and engaged subscriber base and get more clicks and business results out of web push notifications.

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