How to use Omnichannel marketing to maximize your revenue?

September 04, 2020



Every business’s goal in the world is to make more revenue, that’s just a fact, I mean even normal people would like to get more income.


So to compact this issue businesses develop new ways to make sure that they’re getting more revenue and trying to decrease their costs.

Every once and a while some new term or marketing strategy pops up, like digital ads and etc, and digital ads aren’t a new thing, right? But a couple of decades ago they’re a revolution. 

So now we’re looking at a new marketing strategy which is omnichannel marketing


What Is Omni Channel Marketing, And Why Does It Matter?

Omnichannel marketing is the way of which you could reach your customers on multiple platforms

Whether to sell them goods or to announce anything, you could use it to fulfill any marketing purposes it’s assigned to.

Omnichannel marketing is a combination of social media remarketing, SMS, Paid Ads, Notifications, and Email.

Visualize omnichannel marketing.

If you’re made a purchase before from a store and you’ve entered your information like email address and mobile number, you get a promotional SMS message with an offer, you open the offer website and check it out, but you don’t purchase…

After a while you get an email with some of our latest offers, after a while you get a notification of a flash sale!  

Then when you’re browsing posts on your favorite social media you get Ads from our store with some of our best sellers! Then you decide that you’re going to purchase it.

 Of course, that’s a fictional funnel that we created just to show you how omnichannel marketing works, and you won’t be getting all the marketing messages at the same time, that’ll be spam.

But more of an ongoing digital marketing campaign that you decide how much does it last

How to use omnichannel marketing? 

Now you might be wondering, okay I’m now familiar with omnichannel marketing, how do I use it in my marketing campaigns? 

That’s actually pretty easy,  all you need is to have your customers’ data, like phone number, email, a name for customization, etc.

But the only issue that for you to do an omnichannel marketing campaign you’ll need

To make an account on an SMS marketing site like infopip

And make an account on an email marketing platform MailChimp

Also, you need an account at a notifications service provider like OneSignal 

You also need to set up a tracking pixel for all of the social media platforms that you target which is not an issue.

But you’ll need to implement their tracking code into your website which could be a headache if you’re not a developer

Or could take days depending on your developer’s capacity!

Then you’ll have to set up an analytics tracker to keep up with your sales and growth statistics

Not only that but you also have to keep up with all of the other marketing platforms.

And then compose all of them into one sheet to keep track of your campaigns and determine what works and whatnot.

It sounds like a nightmare, right? I mean omnichannel marketing shouldn’t be that hard, it’s designed to make marketing much easier! 

Omnichannel at Appgain

And that’s why we in AppGain have developed our solutions with omnichannel marketing as one of its pillars, whether you have an App, or an eCommerce store, or a mobile marketer for a business.

We acknowledge how challenging digital marketing could be, so we made the All-In-One marketing platform.

Let me tell you how our customers double and even triple their revenue by omnichannel marketing.


They share their offers through our inhouse mobile landing pages

What’s special about those that you could share your content

Retarget your customers on social media because they have pixel tracking implemented into them.

Also, they have notifications built into them so you’ll be able to retarget your customers with notifications and social media, and not only that…

You could also send your customers SMS campaigns, and email campaigns as a part of the full omnichannel marketing. 

You could also track all of your marketing campaign’s data from notification stats to how many sales did you achieve

Also, you can use digital invoices to stay in touch with your current customers anytime you want! To learn more about digital invoices, you can check our digital invoices page.

How much are your growth rate and much more useful data that would help you get more sales?


Now let us wrap this up, I don’t want to hold you back from doubling your revenue.

Now that we’ve talked about omnichannel marketing, what is it and how challenging it could be.

We also talked about the different aspects of omnichannel marketing and how we in Appgain do omnichannel marketing differently!

Boost Your Revenue Now 

We would like to invite you to try our omnichannel marketing! Whether you have an app or if you have an eCommerce site or a brick-and-mortar store, you could utilize omnichannel marketing and get more revenue.

Still, got questions? Do not hesitate to reach out and Contact Us! Request Demo now.