Marketing with QR codes: Measure your success!

May 27, 2019

Any marketing campaign is as effective as the knowledge used in their construction. Without information, you can’t form a useful retail strategy. You need to know your target audience, what do they like, where are they, when they are most active, etc. You try many different channels and campaigns, but which is more effective and which doesn’t quite work? Do you know that you can measure the marketing success of your efforts, just by doing some marketing with QR codes?

marketing with qr codes measure marketing success
Marketing with QR codes is a great way to bridge your online and offline marketing efforts.

Using QR codes with your campaigns is a great way to introduce users to your digital marketing funnel. It is easy and convenient for users to scan them and get an offer or find out more about the product. You in return can get a measure of your marketing success if you use the right tools.

But how can QR codes help me measure marketing success you ask?

Well with using the modern marketing automation and analytics tools of course. Since a QR code links to a digital resource, this can be used to gather attribution and analytic information. When you have a person scan your campaign QR code, for example, it is possible to learn valuable information like their location, time of scanning, the platform they are using, etc. You can also use this to geofence your campaigns to specific areas.

Another simple trick to try would be using different QR codes for variations of the same campaign to test the effectiveness of the variables you change.

OK, I want to do some marketing with QR codes… So what do these platforms do for me then?

In our case, Appgain will embed a smart deep link in the QR code generated for you. This link will grab all this important data for you, and you will see this info in neat reports in your Appgain panel.

The links will also make the users’ experience much more convenient, as they are context-aware, and will take the user to the right link depending on their platform. This ease of onboarding and favorable user experience led our clients to enjoy greatly improved conversion rates!

Another bonus is that you can use QR codes to link people to another feature we offer: the mobile landing page! So that they will be greeted by a nice, mobile-friendly and content-rich page where you can deliver your message with effect. But the real beauty of these pages is not even this! People who get to your landing page can subscribe to notifications from it, thus you will have a database of users interested in the campaign without collecting any contact details! You can remarket with a high degree of precision thanks to this user list. Moreover, these web push notifications do not need to have an app installed, and they work on desktop systems in addition to the mobile ones!

Finally, using a platform with Appgain for QR codes will allow you to efficiently run both traditional and digital media campaigns together at the same time.

Don’t forget, the more information you have, the better your retail strategy can be.

So, marketing with QR codes can bridge your offline and digital marketing spaces into a physical one, thus let you measure marketing success.

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