QR Code: combine digital and in-store marketing!

June 04, 2019


As a food franchise or a coffee shop with lots of branches, a local food, or a retailer company you always look into new retail tactics of getting new customers and also retain your current ones. But how do you spark the flare of keeping current customers and also generating new ones? What could be your marketing plan as a retail store? Well, that’s easy you probably googled it yourself, but you found multiple options, and you don’t have the time and the resources to peruse every one of them right? That’s why we did all the heavy lifting, and we’re here to give you the easy way to get exposure to your retail store, restaurant, or coffee shop, QR code mixed with Digital marketing!

Yep, QR Scans are still a thing, and they are capable of generating new customers and keep your current ones coming back, they’re the new retail strategy!

Let me tell you what a QR code is!

It’s a “Quick Response” code, or QR code is a 2D scannable graphic that could direct you to do anything on your phone, open a link, make a phone call, send an SMS, have a deep link to open your app directly, it doesn’t matter what would you like for the QR to do it’ll do it.

But you might ask how a QR scan would help me generate more revenue right? It’s a straightforward retail marketing channel!

In-store promotion ideas

To make an awesome retail sales campaign all you need a compelling message to make your users want to scan your offer, maybe you should go with “Scan and can, get your free soda can” I don’t know, get creative!

Then make your mobile deep page which is powered by Appgain.io, which includes your offer in it.

With the mobile deep page of your offer, you could easily get them to be a web push subscribers, and not only that but also collect their Facebook pixel ID, you could also make sure you’re targeting a specific location you could make a specific QR code tailored to each branch.

When you get this part done, that’s mean you now have very powerful marketing tools within your hand, period.

Retail Marketing Tools

How do you use your new techniques to make your marketing more efficient and spike your ROI? How to come up with a retail promotion strategy that’s simple?

When you have a Web push subscribers that means that you could retarget the people who visited that specific branch only with that offer!

And those web pushes would give you analytics to know what your campaign did!

Also with the Facebook pixel, you could remarket those who opened your mobile deep pages.

And we all know how powerful Facebook is and how remarketing is effective when you have the pixel code of everyone who has redeemed your offer and that way you could retarget them without having to retarget a broad audience and waste a lot of money.


QR Code: combine digital and in-store marketing!

But what benefits could you get from the Deep pages associated with the Mobile deep page? Of course, other than the web subscription and the Facebook pixel, you get quite some benefits for your App if you have an app or in general to your brand or business.

You could share your offer as we said in our case study above, but you could also add buttons to enable new features to your mobile deep page, like opening your app if you have an app or maybe visiting your site.

And you could optimize your SEO settings to gain more downloads, visits, or views when you rank on the top search results.

Not only that but also you can use our stripe payment option to make your offer easily when you use a well-known service like stripe for your payment you’re not only making your brand more trustworthy, but you also are making sure that your customer gets the maximum satisfaction when redeeming your offer.

And if you ever feel like expanding your offer, you could simply mix your SMS campaigns with our smart deep links to reduce your SMS marketing costs while also gaining a competitive advantage with a rich SMS campaign.

Food retail marketing?

When you’re considering the marketing campaign, you might think that marketing is different for retailers to food services,

but both retail companies and food store have in-store promotions and multichannel marketing campaigns,

they’re pretty similar in technique for the retail marketing process.

But Why Appgain?!

You might ask yourself, why do I go with Appgain and not just some random QR generator and save me the money? Well, you get more features when you go with Appgain

FeaturesAppgainQR code generator
Easy to customize the landing pageYesNo
Customizable CTA buttonsYesNo
Facebook pixel trackingYesNo
Push notificationYesNo


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