Different types of retargeting in retail marketing

May 16, 2019




You are probably aware of remarketing & retargeting, if not, you really should be! In a nutshell, it is a practice that lets you activate the customers/users you already acquired, instead of trying to acquire new ones from scratch. As with most things though, there is more than one way to do it. Each can be more or less beneficial given the type of scenario at hand. Let us have a look at a few different kinds of retargeting in retail marketing.

Retargeting visitors: Get them from “just-looking” to “totally buying”!

We all know that not everyone who steps in our shop will go out as a customer. Often, they are just having a look. While every retailer’s dream would be selling something to every visitor, sometimes they just won’t buy anything at that point.

retargeting in retail marketing
Retargeting in retail marketing: if someone goes from “just-looking” to “OMG what a deal!” in a second, you’re doing it right 😉

You can think of the same for a digital retailer too. Does your page get visitors? Great! Do they buy anything? Well, sometimes yes, sometimes no…

However, the very fact that they at least take time to visit you means that they are potentially interested in what you offer. For this fact alone, they are too valuable to forget about!

For example, it is enough for people to have just taken a peek at your Appgain powered mobile landing page to catch their social media “pixel”, so that you can target them on social media venues with your ads.

If, however, you would like a more direct approach, you can reach with web push notifications to visitors that subscribe to your notifications.

Now, what if your store is offline only? You can use the power of our smart QR codes to still be able to reach people online! Offer them a digital catalog, a coupon, or perhaps a digital magazine about your sector if people will be interested in it!

Keeping the pulse up Retargeting big-time shoppers!

Some customers, either for their love of a product, or of your business, can buy a lot from your retail shop, and perhaps even do so frequently.

Keep her smile up by remind of all the excellent wares and deals and keep those shopping bags full!

Such fire shall not go to waste! No, you should attend to it, and keep it alive ;). Do you have a cool new product or offer? Is there a new model of their favorite product? Or did they just take longer than they usually do to buy from you? Well, then it’s time to reach out to the customer, and remind them of the offers or products in-store.

Especially in markets like technology or collectibles/hobby, the arrival of an anticipated new item, or a discount on one will likely get this type of customer to act.

Customers are happier for knowing the arrival of items they are looking for, or a sale they were looking forward to, and you can be happier for keeping them shopping!

Giving a pulse where there is none! Targeting less frequent shoppers

This approach is the polar opposite of the previous one: Instead of going for the frequent buyers, you target infrequent shoppers.

Sometimes they need that little push, the little reminder to finally make their purchase. This fits especially well with retailers of long term and/or relatively pricey goods.

People tend not to buy a new TV every day for example, but having looked at some means that they are interested in getting one. Don’t miss them. Seeing a nice model and/or a good offer can give the final push they need to make a purchase from you.

Do not let those poor abandoned carts languish in despair!

Such a sad sight isn’t it :(? Retarget the owner to avert this tragedy! 🙂

Isn’t it a sad moment when your users abandon their shopping carts… The goods sit listed there, forsaken, so close, yet so far, silent witnesses of what could have been.

Do not let it stay so! Take action, and make the user an offer they would not refuse. Perhaps offer a little gift or some store points if you have such a thing. Perhaps a discount.

The user gets what they wanted to, and you make a sale, and the good aren’t abandoned in a forsaken shopping cart, everyone is happy! 🙂

Types of retargeting for retail marketing: Use the right kind of retargeting in the right context

In a nutshell, different kinds of retargeting works better in different kinds of situations. Some fit better with certain markets, others work better for certain types of customers.

There are many kinds of retargeting in retail marketing, use the right combination at the right time to maximize your profits.

Of course, you will need to know about your customers and have access to all the channels you can retarget them with.

This is where Appgain comes in. From analytics and automation to multi-channel messaging, Appgain has all the tools you need in one place. Our smart retargeting package is designed to carry things a few steps ahead of traditional retargeting.

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