Point Of Sale, Your Window To B2C Marketing Automation

September 08, 2019



nowadays b2c marketing automation has become crucial because as business go larger and larger, it gets harder to do marketing manually, that’s why they have to have some sort of automation installed, but what role does a pos play in the marketing automation workflow?

POS Role In B2C Marketing Automation

Point of sale (POS) machines are everywhere now because everyone uses credit cards now, it a much secure approach than carrying money in your pocket all the time.

But there is a hidden gem within the POS machines that no one takes advantage of, which is generating prospects from the point of sale machine directly, a b2c marketing automation kind of gem

But let me explain the point of sale machines and how they work so that you could visualize how the marketing automation workflow goes in the blog.

What’s a  point of sale or a (POS)

point of sale (POS)

A point of sale or (POS) is a machine is a device that makes the transaction when you’re purchasing goods or services from a store.

Like if you go to your favorite shoe shop, and grab a pair of sneakers when you go to the cashier you pull out your credit card and make the transaction.

When you at the cashier you probably enter your name, phone number and then he hands you the devices to type in your password, then you complete the purchase.

And that’s it, you enjoy your new sneakers and you’re continuing your life.

But as a retailer I would like to get you back as a returning customer, how do I do that exactly?

how do turn my point of sale machine to a b2c marketing automation machine?

Turn your point of sale machine to a b2c marketing automation machine

credit card

Now that you have your customer’s data, you might be thinking of the best way that you could get him back to you.

And since you have his phone number and name, you’re probably thinking about sending him an SMS right? 

You might want to check our blog out where we talk about SMS in the digital era. 

SMS isn’t an effective tool on its own anymore, it has to be a part of a bigger marketing campaign like being a part of an omnichannel marketing campaign! 

So how do you integrate your SMS marketing within an omnichannel marketing campaign?

It’s not so simple you must first know what does it take to make an omnichannel marketing campaign, and what are the challenges.

Omnichannel marketing challenges

marketing dashboard marketing automation workflow

but omnichannel isn’t as easy as it sounds to pull off, it’s actually a challenge, let me explain why to you! 

omnichannel has become a big part in b2c marketing automation.

To do an omnichannel marketing campaign you’ll need to make an account on an SMS marketing site like infopip and make an account on an email marketing platform MailChimp

Also, you need an account at a notifications service provider like OneSignal 

You also need to set up a tracking pixel all of the social media platforms that you target which is not an issue.

But you’ll need to implement their tracking code into your website which could be a headache if you’re not a developer, or could take days depending on your developers’ capacity!

Then you’ll have to set up an analytics tracker to keep up with your sales and growth statistics, not only that but you also have to keep up with all of the other marketing platforms.

And then compose all of them into one sheet to keep track of your campaigns and determine what works and whatnot.

It sounds like a nightmare, right? I mean omnichannel marketing shouldn’t be that hard, it’s designed to make marketing much easier! 

Omnichannel marketing, but much easier 

omnichannel marketing automation workflow

Okay now you’re probably thinking about other marketing tactics to integrate your SMS marketing campaign within because omnichannel marketing is too much work.

But hear me out, I’ll introduce you to a much easier and more feature-rich marketing automation workflow! 

We in AppGain integrate omnichannel marketing into our solutions, which are geared towards App Marketers and Mobile Marketers.

As we have App Boost, a marketing solution designed to help app developers boost their business, and Smart retargeting and marketing links geared towards mobile marketers.

 Let me tell you how could you integrate your point of sale (POS) as your  b2c marketing automation solution!

When your user enters his name and number we migrate it to our dashboard, from there you’ll be able to know crucial data about your customer like his LTV and much more.

Now he’ll get an SMS with let’s say a flash sale, he opens the message and inside of that message he has a deep link, that deep-link collects the user’s social pixel so you could retarget him later.

The deep link opens a mobile landing page, our own mobile landing page that has multiple templates all of which customizable, and he browses the different offers.

If he likes the offer and makes the purchase we offer an online payment gateway powered by Stripe 

If he didn’t buy it’s fine you could retarget him with notifications, on his favorite social media, via SMS marketing campaign, and more! 

And when he converts again you’ll be able to track him to know which of your customers is a high priority.

Boost Your Business

We would like to invite you to try our omnichannel marketing! Whether you have an app or if you have an eCommerce site or a brick and mortar store, you could utilize omnichannel marketing and get more revenue.

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