The Next Big Thing in Retail Retargeting

May 30, 2019



Marketing for retailers has evolved through the years

From mass broadcasting, billboards, and traditional marketing retail strategies

To inbound marketing and digital marketing

and then we have Retargeting because retailers are always looking for the next big thing!

But you might ask why?

Why does Retail marketing evolve rapidly?

That’s simple actually because Retail marketing is competition,

and competition is always looking for the next step to be a step ahead!

I’m not going to take you through the whole process of retail marketing evolving, but I’m going to focus on things that are key to our talk.

retail retargeting

Mass broadcasting

Retail marketing was seen like I want to be heard everywhere, even at the moon! So aliens could buy from me!

But the thing is; aliens really aren’t interested,

and so are a big portion of the audience that you target with your mass broadcasting and that wasn’t the best retail marketing strategy

but it had some sort of effect!

Let’s say you’re traveling on a highway to your work,

you get bombarded probably with tons of billboards and other printed media types, but how much do you relate to them?

How many times do you say, Oh my god I need to buy this product or service, I can’t live without it!

Probably once or twice in your entire life, and probably you found a discount for that product or service and that what made you buy.

You see where broadcasting is broken and why is it a bad retail marketing strategy now?

It’s now seen as spammy and not helpful for anyone, and so we’ve developed more efficient ways to market our products without looking spammy.

And billboards are absurdly expensive anyhow, so why to pay so much to get so little in return?

More targeted more relevant

Retailers started to notice that they’re not doing the best strategy for the business and that they need to up their retailing marketing,

thus they advanced to more specific and more targeted areas of marketing, strategies, and overall retail strategy!

So we started to evolve digital marketing and inbound marketing and retailers started to focus their strategy on targeting the right audience.

And thus we see retailers narrowing down their marketing strategy to only focus on people who’re thinking about buying,

while also running awareness campaigns to be relevant customers.

Now that people spend more time on the internet it only makes sense that we evolve to more engaging retail advertising strategy!

And so we had digital marketing with all of it numerous forms to take your customer through the funnel from awareness to becoming a loyal customer of your brand.

Inbound marketing

retail retargeting

So when you’re a retailer, you must be keeping up with the latest trends in the retailers marketing strategies!

And Inbound marketing is the new thing that looks promising for you!

So you google it and you check, okay what should a retailer do if he wants to do more sales?

The answer is that you need to build your long term retail marketing strategy that would cover your customer’s journey from knowing your app to buying from you over and over!

But what’re the steps as a retailer marketer that you need to do?

First of all, you need to make sure that your user knows about your brand, and know what do you sell,

that way you make sure that they think of you when they want to buy a certain product.

You might want to think about social media campaigns that go viral on social media,

to optimizing your web pages for certain keywords which are called SEO and tinkering around with writing blogs that would help your customer and sway his opinion

And when they’re at this first step they think about your brand, you start going more aggressive with your retail retargeting,

you focus more on directing your customer with forms and call to actions!

Then we move into more in-depth with lead generation and smart retailing techniques to eventually becoming your customer and promoting your business!

But that’s not where retailers stopped, they came with even a narrower and more specific strategy they called retargeting!

Retargeting, the spotlight

So retargeting, in a nutshell, is that you track people who have interest in specific product or service and you start to pop up to them on their social media,

Their favorite apps and everywhere there could be a retargeting Ad.

There are various different types of retargeting because every platform has it’s tracking mechanisms, like

  • Google tag manager
  • Facebook pixel

But we’re not going in-depth into the different ways they could be in use

But facebook pixel, for example, it’s a tracking code that follows you around the web to know what products are you into,

and it shows them to you on facebook, it’s quite simple and quite effective!

But retargeting works by putting a tracking code in the shape of a cookie in your browser,

and that’s not the case when it comes to mobile, because we don’t use browsers to surf our favorite sites

like Facebook, we use their app, right?

Get started with mobile retail retargeting!

That’s why retailers needed to find a new way that they could remarket their users on mobile.

And that’s when Smart retargeting was born, smart retargeting works by

  • making your user visit a site with the Facebook pixel in it
  • then remarket depending on the different campaign and product they’re searching for!

Also, you could add notifications to your website that would let you retarget your user with notifications which has a much faster reach speed, and more accurate!

So, the retail retargeting is the way forward for your market, and we can help you do it the smart way. Start trying it out now, it’s free to do that!

If you would like to know how would smart retargeting boost your retail business and increase your conversion rate

contact us and we’ll walk you through how can we customize smart retargeting

to help your business grow more and more without breaking the bank for you!

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