Text message marketing, it’s not just about SMS

June 01, 2020



Text messages were a big deal and an essential marketing campaign when it came to advertisers, business, and casual marketers and now a part of the omnichannel marketing. Unfortunately, they used to be blasted in bulk quantities as a part of the mass media approach.

text message

But nowadays they’re not considered an important channel as more effective digital channels emerge like digital ads and, notifications and more! 

Text messages are making a comeback! But no on their own, they are a part of a bigger marketing campaign, one that’ll discuss now in this blog

Text message marketing, the old way 

If you open your phone now I’m pretty sure that’ll find a text message sent to you by an advertiser:

Let it be a cloth shop that you bought from or your favorite coffee house.

People relied heavily on text message marketing as a way to reach customers by bulk

As the theme of mass media marketing, but there was no actual way of measuring how effective a text message campaign was!

But people kept and still using to this day, but they became less effective than they’re 20 years ago.

As we said when time progressed, text message marketing fell out of favor, but they’re making a comeback in 2019!

Text message marketing in the digital era

Okay, let’s talk about how is text messages are making a return in 2019! 

First, you should know the term omnichannel marketing, if you don’t know it

Read this blog where we talk about omnichannel marketing.


But briefly, omnichannel marketing is a marketing campaign that takes place on multiple marketing channels

Like SMS, Email, Notification, and Social media remarketing.

Nowadays text message marketing is a part of a bigger picture because it’s a part of digital marketing.

Text messages and your marketing funnel

Text message marketing could be used as an awareness tool that you could use to make customers aware of your presence.


And if you include a link in your text message you’ll be able to land your users on your marketing funnel.

Also if your user is in the activation stage you could send him an offer, or a discount to encourage him to take the step and buy! 

And of course, don’t forget about retention which is an important stage of the marketing funnel!

Mainly because a returning customer means you’re on the right path.

Text messages as a part of the omnichannel marketing 

 We’ve discussed text messages and its relationship to omnichannel marketing

Now we need to discuss how to use text messages in the digital era! 

To integrate your SMS into your omnichannel marketing you’ll have to

  • Make an account on an SMS marketing site like infopip
  • And make an account on an email marketing platform MailChimp

text message

Also, you need an account at a notifications service provider like OneSignal 

You also need to set up a tracking pixel all of the social media platforms that you target which is not an issue.

But you’ll need to implement their tracking code into your website which could be a headache if you’re not a developer

Or could take days depending on your developers’ capacity!

Then you’ll have to set up an analytics tracker to keep up with your sales and growth statistics

Not only that but you also have to keep up with all of the other marketing platforms.

And then compose all of them into one sheet to keep track of your campaigns and determine what works and whatnot.

It sounds like a nightmare, right? I mean omnichannel marketing shouldn’t be that hard, it helps to make marketing much easier! 

Text message marketing at AppGain

Now that you know about how you could implement text message marketing in your marketing campaigns and felt that it would be not the easy thing to achieve.

Let me introduce you to a much easier and more effective way of doing omnichannel marketing.

Whether you have an app or just a business with a website!

You could make use of our marketing platform, we implement omnichannel marketing with our solutions!

To find out the benefits in a nutshell, visit our SMS product page! 

omni channel marketing

Let me give you an example of how our customers make use of our marketing platform! 

One of our customers runs a retail business, they have no app but they have a website and online shopping features. 

They send text messages with our deep link in the text message, their users open the message to check out the offer.

The deep link either takes them to one of our landing pages which they customized with their offer or opens up their website directly.

Once they open up the landing page we track his pixels, to serve him ads from the store next time he surfs the social media 

Also, we could retarget them with push notifications through our platform.

If they put items in the shopping cart and forgets about them our automator sets off alerting them that they haven’t completed their purchase!

And many more features you get with Appgain’s Omni Channel Marketing


Okay, now you know more about text messages, how they’re used in the past and what impact they have in the digital era.

And been introduced to omnichannel marketing and how do we do omnichannel differently in Appgain.

Boost Your Business

We would like to invite you to try our omnichannel marketing!

Whether you have an app or if you have an eCommerce site or a brick and mortar store.

Utilize omnichannel marketing and get more revenue.

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