Appgain and Foodics Partnership, why is it important!

June 23, 2019



By now you must’ve known about our Partnership with Foodics, by now you must’ve got a bunch of questions

we welcome them, we’re here to answer all the questions you have!

What’s Foodics?

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Foodics is the all-in-one POS and restaurant management system for iPad.

With cloud technology and multiple add-on iOS apps, thousands of restaurants, food trucks, cafes and fast-food chains across the world are hiking their revenues

Why is this partnership important?

appgain and foodics


We are glad to have done this partnership with foodics for a number of reasons:

We’re expanding into more prominent fields like food and beverage because of the huge potential in that market,

with Appgain’s Smart technologies we’re providing the market with new solutions that will drive more sales without adding any complexity to the process

because all you need is just 5 minutes or less, set everything up and you’re on your way to make more money!

How could Appgain help my Business?


With Appgain you could Develop a more creative marketing campaign that generates you more revenue,

for an example, if you have a restaurant, maybe you’ve got an offer, right?

you make a deep page for your offer, you put it in a QR code for your customers to scan,

they’ll open your Deep page to claim your offer, once they do that they become a targeted user for you.

Because we have a tracking code that let us retarget users who opened our deep page,

so now you’ll be targeting your customer with your latest offers easily and efficiently

no need to waste more money on a marketing campaign that doesn’t convert!

Another Scenario, when your customer Scans the QR code, opens the deep page, you could retarget them with notifications,

whether you have an app or not, you could retarget your customers with web push notification which requires no app,

or if you have an app you could send notification with a deep link to convert faster and increase your revenue!


Maybe you don’t have an offer right now, does that mean you’ll miss on the lots and lots of potential opportunities?

of course not, because With foodics POS we could retarget your customers with SMS, or email once they complete the purchase,

and if you added the Deep pages to the mix, then you’ve got yourself a solid connection between you and your customer through a multi-channel marketing campaign!

And we’ve got more features coming for the users to increase their revenue with Appgain

Like Customer’s analytics to prioritize your efforts on the high-quality leads, and more enhanced notification pushing that’ll make your user convert faster!

If you would like to know more about our Solutions and who could they help you achieve more revenue,

You could check out Smart Retargeting, App Boost, Mobile Marketing Links.

Still, got questions? Do not hesitate to reach out and Contact Us! Request Demo now.