What Is RetailGain Marketing?

Retail Data Silos Problem!

For retailers, customers have many touch points: POS, website, and mobile app, but their data are segmented over multiple systems

Retail Data Silos Problem!

Appgain Retail Marketing Solution 

For retailers, customers have many touch points: POS, website, and mobile app, but their data are segmented over multiple systems



Location-Based SMS, Interactive SMSs, and Re-Target Your Customers with SMS


Digital Invoices

Send your users an automated digital invoice with all the details they need


Smart Links

A short link that allows you to route the user to a specific page inside an app


Micro Pages

Build Bio Links, Curated Pages, App Promo Pages, and With Codeless Builder


Marketing Automation

Customer-Based Marketing Automation, Using SMS, Push, and Email



Rich user profile, user timeline, attribution analytics, and live segmentation



Re-Target your customers as soon as they open your links just once on all major social media platforms.

We Remove Retail Data Silos

We Remove Retail Data Silos

Phygital Marketing 

Remarketing Digital Invoices

App Mobile Deep Linking 

The smart deep link lets the user get deep into a specific page you sent him to. Even if he hasn't installed the app on his phone. Complaint with iOS Universal Links, Deep Link URIs, and Facebook App Links,

QR codes, easier campaigns

QR Codes, Easier Campaigns

Easily create a social media competition using QR codes and deep pages


Flexible and Dynamic Redirections

With Smart Deep Links, you’ll be able to encourage your users to take actions with a single click, whether opened on mobile or desktop, a channel:

  • Send SMS
  • Send Email
  • Click to call
  • Post tweet
  • Post a Facebook status
  • Like our Facebook page
  • Open app Deep Link
  • Payment
Link Remarketing

Link Remarketing

If you are using an influencer marketing strategy, you can detect the users from the campaign link. Then, you can give them personalized ads via different channels or the same channel. At the same time, more shares of the link will bring you more users and give you more opportunities to show yourself again. Check our page for acquisition for mobile apps to see how Appgain solutions can help you.

Push Notifications Remarketing

Push Notifications Remarketing

Build a database of customers, reach them even without an app, and re-target them for FREE