Payment Links


Payment Links

Allow your customers to pay online, no mobile app, no website,

How it Works

Payment Provider

The Benefits for Payment Provider

Flexible, secure payment without an app or website and a vehicle to get more sales

The Benefits for Merchant

Flexible, secure payment without an app or website and a vehicle to get more sales


convert regular

Helps merchants seamlessly convert regular, offline orders into online invoices without needing an e-commerce website


Without any coding

Without any coding or hassle at merchant side, generates a “Payment Link shares it with the customer through email, SMS, or push


secure payment

Once received, the customer clicks on the “Payment URL” to land on a secure payment page, pre-filled with the relevant order details; to proceed with the payment ONLINE, using the payment provider gateway


integrated marketing

Not just for payment, the merchant can generate more sales using integrated marketing and remarketing features


Payment Links Remarketing

Turn your Invoices in Sales Generation Machine

Payment Links Remarketing
Collect Credit Card payment

Without a website or app!

Collect Credit Card Payment

Make it easier for users to pay using a credit card.

  • Easy
  • Secure
  • Reliable

Turn Your Payment Links Into A Marketing Machine Right Now,