Appgain became Attribution vendor to Wasla browser ?

June 23, 2020


We’re excited to announce that Wasla browser app became one of our valuable Partners! ?

Thanks to Appgain’s Attribution technology especially in tracking revenue and events of acquisition campaigns, We became the local-player attribution vendor to Wasla with Adjust, Branch, and Appsflyer.

Wasla helps you drive conversions to your website, app, game, or offline store using our incentivized in-app missions! Using the power of gamification and instant rewards, we incentivize your target audience to take the actions that mean the most to your business, whether that’s driving installs, sign-ups, or completing first orders.

How Appgain will help Wasla browser app

1- App installation attribution (How Appgain measure app installations)

  • The user clicks on the installation link.
  • Appgain MAT engine measures the click.
  • Then the user goes to store to download the app.
  • Appgain SDK notify MAT Engine of install
  • Appgain MAT Engine notify registered publisher of app install event.


mobile attribution

2- App Conversion Event  attribution (How Appgain tracks conversion event)

  • The user performs a conversion event
  • Appgain SDK notify MAT engine of install
  • Appgain MAT Engine notify the registered publisher of the app install event

mobile attribution


3- Track Revenue of Acquisition Campaigns

  • Create a smart link for the campaign, ad, influencer etc..
  • Track installs, customer events and revenue coming from this link

Appgain is the best alternative 

attribution alternative

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