What’s Mobile Marketing Automation?

October 07, 2020

If you ask anyone or any business about the future the answer will be technology, and there’s no technology without mentioning smartphones, no doubt that now we live in the era of mobile using based on its increasing growth through the past years, In fact, research from eMarketer suggests that between 2015 and 2021, mobile-only internet users will increase from 32.1 million to 52.3 million.

With that kind of growth, smart businesses and marketers are continuously improving strategies to boost their business and thinking about different and new ways to keep up with this development and reach as many audiences as possible, That’s where mobile marketing automation (MMA) comes in.

What’s Mobile Marketing Automation?

In nutshell, it’s a software along with a set of rules and templates to make it easier for a company to communicate with its customers and prospects.

Basically, marketing automation is a solution for two major marketing tools: managing a huge database of contacts, and delivering personalized messages to customers.

Marketing automation stores information about your contacts, lets you have a segmentation of your contacts into lists or groups based on specified criteria, and helps you control which messages those contacts see.

Without marketing automation, businesses have to do all this manually, a process that is very difficult or impossible with a large audience.

For example, it can be used to segment large audiences into groups based on certain characteristics, giving marketers more time to analyze how those segmented audiences should be targeted.
Planned actions used to engage those users, such as push notifications or in-app messaging, can also be performed autonomously.

Best 4 Ways to Help in Retention with Marketing Automation

Automation can be very powerful to keep retention, by using it in the right way it can effectively drive up conversions.

With these four ways, Mobile Marketing Automation can drive user retention and growth.

1-User Segmentation
which breaks users into groups based on how recently or how often they’ve engaged with your app or brand.

With automation, it will be easier to segment them into groups which makes it clear, And you’ll know your segments are working when engagement and retention rises.

2- Manage Customer Experience

For any brand and app, customer experience is highly considered Which allows brands to know the gap and try to fill it.

Automation can help to improve this experience in two areas: timing and personalization


One huge area is the timing of omnichannel campaigns. With automated tools, you can carefully plan out a strategy that involves what offers to send out and allow the system to choose what to send out on each channel or device… and when.

This way, your mobile marketing automation tool can use the data behind each user segment and say: “This user segment checks the app first thing in the morning, so on day 1, let’s send them an in-app message at 7 AM when they get up.”


In email marketing, personalization happens in two different ways. You can send different email campaigns based on what’s relevant to a user (or what stage of the funnel they’re in), such as an onboarding campaign for new signups.

You can also personalize individual emails with the recipient’s name, or with different information based on their role, for example.

Mobile marketing automation also follows this notion. A mobile marketing automation system will provide ways to tag and group your users based on user attributes, such as demographic or app usage information.

You can collect this data from users by asking them (via a rich page or preference center in your app), or your platform might provide some data automatically —  for example, telling you which users have installed or uninstalled your app, or which users are using iPhones.

3-Organize Onboarding Process

Many apps nowadays still have a problem managing the onboarding process. They still send many onboarding messages randomly, gathering emails and push notification drips without strategic planning on how to organize this onboarding communication.

Automation will help you to make onboarding easier with an organized campaign by sending emails and push notifications that are specific to a user segment.

4. Retargeting Abandoned Carts

So when a user installs an app let’s say it’s for online shopping the user will begin to search for some items as shopping activity and keep them in the cart without making any decision.

Now the user stopped using the app although he/she was interested in some items and has left an item in a cart.

Have your marketing software send out an automated reminder, and keep sending reminders daily until that item is either bought or deleted from the cart.

With this data, you can send retargeting ads of the same items when the customers are browsing on social media platforms or checking emails.

Mobile Marketing Automation Features 

Here are some features of mobile marketing automation that have made it one of the most important tools needed in marketing.

Automated omnichannel messaging:  Increase marketing relevance by running automated behavior-based multi-channel communication over push/web push /Email  /SMS  channels.

Smart: if a user performed the conversion action from one message on an SMS channel, why to spam him with more messages over other channels? as soon as a user performs the conversion action you can remove the other queue messages for the same user on the same event.

Personalization: deliver automated personalized one2one campaigns.

Marketing Pressure Protection: it never messages the same user twice /day for the same event if it’s triggered many times.

Automation Scheduler: schedule bulk automation actions directly from the dashboard with zero codlings.

What you send has to be valuable, relevant, and personal — a mobile marketing automation platform helps you meet those needs.

As the name implies, MMA is similar to traditional marketing automation, but it’s created specifically for use with mobile devices.

MMA may not be as widely used as traditional marketing automation yet, but it’s gaining popularity. it could be what your business needs to reach more people.

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