How Does Mobile Marketing Automation Help My Business?

March 25, 2021

Nowadays mobile marketing automation has become a crucial part of any business, some people may argue that we should call it eCommerce marketing automation because most of the businesses who use it are eCommerce!

But you might not know what does it actually means and how it helps your business! 

if you already know you could read this section as a recap to what you already know about mobile marketing automation/ eCommerce marketing automation.

So mobile marketing automation is a marketing strategy that is multichannel that helps increase users’ engagement and retention! 

By using technology to automate the process, like scheduling certain events to happen at a certain time or action.

A small example that’s well known is the empty cart one when a user leaves his cart empty you don’t just leave him.

empty cart in mobile marketing automation

Nope, you send him notifications and emails reminding him of his uncomplete purchase! 

but that’s kind of normal marketing automation rather than mobile marketing automation, so let us get more in-depth in the mobile marketing automation!

How To Use It?

It’s actually quite simple if you go to the right place, let me tell you why?

One of the most important pillars in mobile marketing automation is omnichannel marketing

But omnichannel marketing is not an easy thing to manage if you’re going for a multi-platform solution! 

Omnichannel marketing is made of:

  • Web/App notifications 
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Social Media Ads

You might be wondering, okay I’m now familiar with omnichannel marketing, how do I use it in my marketing campaigns? 

That’s actually pretty easy,  all you need is to have your customers’ data, like phone number, email, a name for customization, etc.

But the only issue that for you to do an omnichannel marketing campaign you’ll need to make:

  • And account on an SMS marketing site like infopip.
  • And make an account on an email marketing platform MailChimp
  • Also, you need an account at a notifications service provider like OneSignal 
  • You also need to set up a tracking pixel all of the social media platforms that you target which is not an issue.

But you’ll need to implement their tracking code into your website which could be a headache if you’re not a developer.

Or could take days depending on your developers capacity!

Then you’ll have to set up an analytics tracker to keep up with your sales and growth statistics.

Not only that but you also have to keep up with all of the other marketing platforms.

And then compose all of them into one sheet to keep track of your campaigns and determine what works and whatnot.

But Omnichannel isn’t always that hard, we’ll get to that part later in the blog! 

Now We’ll talk about use-cases when mobile marketing automation could come into play! 


ecommerce marketing automation

It’s time to steer your customers into making more purchases because everyone loves offers! 

But not everyone knows about your offers, and that is not what you want!

so what do I do? it’s simple, just go for the automation! 

all you need is to design a simple marketing campaign using omnichannel, set up the content and schedule your campaign to kick-off! 

SMS is your way of reaching customers who’re not online all the time, or those who are more of an old fashion!

While Notifications are for those who are online frequently but maybe off their phone when they check their phone they’ll find you!

Email is a great choice for people who’re tech-savvy and email is a big part of their day! 

While social media is more of a general targeting channel because everyone checks their socials every now and then.

When they don’t return! 

churn rate is the only metric that we’d like to keep at zero or close, but unfortunately, this isn’t how to the world works! 

Every business has churn rates but we try to keep them at minimal! 

And what better way to do that than implementing marketing automation to help us get our customers back! 

By implementing triggers like when a customer doesn’t make a purchase for an x amount of days he gets a mobile automated omnichannel campaign! 

Okay, Omnichannel, but easier! 

We in AppGain have developed our solutions with omnichannel marketing as one of its pillars, whether you have an App, or an eCommerce store, or a mobile marketer for a business. We acknowledge how challenging digital marketing could be, so we made the All-In-One marketing platform. Let me tell you how our customers double and even triple their revenue by eCommerce Marketing Automation.marketingThey share their offers through our inhouse mobile landing pages
What’s special about those that you could share your content target your customers on social media because they have pixel tracking implemented into them. Also, they have notifications built into them so you’ll be able to retarget your customers with notifications and social media, and not only that…You could also send your customers SMS campaigns, and email campaigns as a part of the full omnichannel marketing. You could also track all of your marketing campaign’s data from notification stats to how many sales did you achieve

How much are your growth rate and much more useful data that would help you get more sales?

Mobile Marketing Automation With Your POS

You probably have a POS that serves as a purchase point for your business.

But what you didn’t know about that you want to retarget your customers who purchase from you!

But how do you retarget them? It’s actually quite simple! All you have to do is to integrate Appgain’s solution within your POS.

Once it receives your customers’ data like name and number, it goes to work immediately!

 Sending your customer a digital invoice with your purchase, as a mobile landing page!

Within the landing page, you could choose to retarget your customers via an omnichannel marketing campaign.

When your users complete a transaction via your POS, for example, his data gets stored in your Appgain dashboard easily!

And he gets a digital invoice with his transactions on a mobile landing page.

Within the landing page, your user get tagged via social media pixels to retarget in a later stage

Not only that but you could retarget your customer with notifications even if you don’t have an application or a website!

Then you could retarget him on his social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

You also have the option to utilize SMS campaigns and Email marketing campaigns as powerful options in your omnichannel marketing campaign!

eCommerce Marketing Automation like never easier! 

Boost Your Business

We would like to invite you to try our omnichannel marketing! Whether you have an app or if you have an eCommerce site or a brick and mortar store, you could utilize omnichannel marketing and get more revenue.

Still, got questions? Do not hesitate to reach out and Contact Us! Request Demo now.