How Appgain helped iKhair to increase user acquisition by 42%

November 15, 2020

iKhair is a leading Fintech App in UAE for Charity Fundraising and one of appgain customers. After a few months with appgain, they were able to increase their app user acquisition by converting website visitors directly to the app. So let’s breakdown their strategy to convert website visits to app installs.

The first step was to insert smart deep links in their web pages that direct to their app, including the charities page. By clicking on the charity button, the visitor is directed to the specified location in the deep link. If he doesn’t have the app installed, he will be directed to the app store. After installation, the specified charity page will open automatically. This technique is found to be highly effective for app user acquisition.

The second step was to set up appgain mobile attribution in all of the smart deep links on the website, to track the users’ journey starting from the view through the click, download & open, to the purchase. 

Using appgain Mobile Attribution product, this has been done automatically, so their team was able to view the ROI per each acquisition channel. 

The third step was to watch appgain dashboard to track, measure & adjust according to the data. 

What were the results?

Over 6 months, app installs grew by 24% adding new 10323 installs all from the smart deep links campaign. While active users grew by 42.2% to reach 9232 monthly active users. Here is a screenshot of iKhair dashboard that elaborates the growth of app user acquisition.

ikhair dashboard on appgain - app user acquisition

And finally iKhair revenues grew by 27.85%, starting from 4,788,983 AED to reach 6,122,921 AED.

You will notice that this strategy is cost-efficient as iKhair didn’t spend a dollar on Ads, which lowered the customer acquisition cost despite the high growth rate.


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