Clever Marketing Stategies

April 08, 2021

All the brands are trying to stand out and differentiate themselves by thinking outside the box in terms of marketing strategies, messages, channels, approaches, tone of voice, identity, and other marketing-related elements.

It might be assumed that there isn’t any methodology involved in a unique campaign and they are all random strokes of a genius. It might surprise you to discover after taking a detailed look into these ideas. You’re gonna find a common pattern & logic, somewhat of a common marketing DNA strand that binds everything together. Today we will be exploring the steps these marketing veterans follow to unlock these unique ideas, starting with their relationship with their customers. If you want to find out how Appgain helps companies to boost their activation rates ,check our Appboot solution

The first step is getting to know your customer. Know their needs, Which stage of their buyer’s journey & awareness are they in, How they engage your company, its products, its services among others, what’s their workflow & process for you to achieve growth. There is a pattern created by experienced marketers which is the customer journey: 

In short, you should be approaching differently for each step of the customer journey. If and when you’re able to capitalize on your strengths & work on removing your weaknesses, you can reach growth. Each step is important because ultimately, you want them to act as your brand advocates and evangelists & spread the good word about your goods & services. In other words, bringing users to the referral stage and making them stay there creates a loop of growth, self-promotion & referral where you don’t spend a lot of money on bringing new users, etc. There are some examples to boost each level:

SCRABBLE: Awareness is all about reaching more people. For awareness, Scrabble (a board game) followed a unique way. They wanted to introduce their brand to more people, they wanted to give those people a first user experience and they came up with an original campaign: they put WiFi spots in Paris, where there are no other free connections. 

The users needed to play scrabble to get the wifi password and then, they could connect the WiFi as the amount of the Scrabble points. To see the commercial, click the Scrabble logo above.

With the campaign, they reached 600% growth in the Scrabble app download. 

Zapier: It’s an integration tool. It connects the user’s different tools & makes them synchronized. 

So its customers don’t especially know the product because it works behind the tools they use. So how do they do their marketing: Content Marketing. 

The team prepares lots of specific content for each integration service Zapier offers. How to automatically segment leads who take your quiz or survey is one of the examples. They understand the pain points of the customers, they give the users a solution. and provide their users with a straight forward & effective solution

Lancome: The influencer marketing industry is expected to reach $15 billion by 2022. Lancome, a worldwide known makeup brand, uses influencer marketing strategies effectively. When you look at the official websites and social media accounts, you will mostly see familiar faces. 

They target a type of user who is at the interest level: the people who know about their brand but need an activator to make the purchase. 


For this reason, they work with influencers. Sometimes they do collaborate as a product, sometimes they make content with them or sometimes they get even more creative. Using this trend with a clever strategy to motivate your potential users is something you definitely should consider. 

Don’t forget to measure your ROI to see if you invested in the right person/campaign. 

Getir: It’s a Turkish online delivery company, aiming to bring the users’ grocery & market needs with a value proposition of doing the delivery in 10 minutes. They have clever churn decrease (loyalty) strategies: Sending discount offers & money discounts within 3 days after purchase. Giving special discounts for products the user has bought before. 

Keeping the user up to date will make you place yourself as the first palace that comes to mindwhen she/ he wants to do online grocery shopping. 

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