How appgain helped johrh increase growth by 650%

December 09, 2020

Johrh is a leading Saudi e-commerce app for women’s fashion and one of our customers. After 6 months of using appgain, johrh have grown their users by 650%! Pretty amazing, don’t you think? 

Even for us, it was a surprise how our technologies could provide such results in 6 months. So let’s breakdown johrh strategy to drive 650% growth in users.



Johrh relied aggressively on influencer marketing in their user acquisition strategy. While it has potential but they burned lots of cash in this channel but couldn’t track the ROI of what they spend is. They didn’t know how much revenue each influencer campaign has generated. Hence they could neither optimize their strategy nor cut the unsuccessful campaigns’ costs. 

A problem that has faced us, as appgain, when partnering with johrh, that johrh app was web viewer for their website, which introduced integration complexity. 



To overcome the technical issue, Appgain SDK team has ported their SDK to android compact to overcome the compatibility issue. Then Johrh had access to all the tools on appgain marketing platform.

Johrh used the Appgain Mobile Attribution to track and measure their acquisition campaigns. After one week, they could identify what the most effective channels with the highest ROI are and what are the least effective and cash-burning channels. Then they optimized their strategy and could effectively allocate their budget based on actual data.

This, of course, was effective to increase user acquisition at a lower cost but was it enough to achieve exponential growth?

Sure it wasn’t. That’s why johrh embraced another strategy, that is Appgain Re-marketing solution.

Data shows that users are more likely to convert after seeing your ads at least 7 times. We, subconsciously & consciously,  prefer and trust the familiar names than the strange ones.

So, Johrh used appgain remarketing integration with FB, Snapchat & Instagram to re-target the influencers’ followers who clicked on the links but didn’t purchase over these social media channels. 



Within 6 months from March 2020 to August 2020, Johrh has optimized its acquisition strategy to the maximum, which led to growing its user base from 120K users to +900K users,  achieving a 650% growth rate.

This is not the only success story we had at appgain. We helped iKhair, a UAE-based fintech app, increase its revenue by 28% within a few months. Still, the difference was that iKhair used a totally different strategy, based on much less cost.

So, Appgain isn’t just an attribution & re-targeting tool. It’s a full-stack web & mobile marketing platform. We have various tools & technologies that will empower toward growth, wherever you’re on the marketing funnel. Our tools can help you drive user acquisition, increase engagement & retention, and measure campaigns’ ROI. 

Still got questions,  don’t hesitate to contact us!