Apple ATT / IOS 14.5 Infographic

May 21, 2021

Apple is disrupting mobile marketing with its updates. Now there’s one feature that has been on the developers’ & marketer’s table for more than a year: Apple’s App Tracking Transparency policy. aka, permission-based IDFA tracking. 

As we mentioned on our previous weekly news blog, let’s take a small sep back and see what happened so far:

  • Apple announced ATT (App Tracking Transparency) feature for the upcoming updates, which shook the mobile industry. The feature was giving the users the ability to control & see which app was tracking which data. At the same time, Apple asked the users permission when entering the app if they allow the app to track her/his data.
  • Mobile marketers & most of the apps protested the announcement based on the foreseen damage to their business models. On the other hand, Apple users were optimistic and supportive.
  • Apple didn’t step back and released the feature.To see the applications & have a all-in-one view, check our infographic:


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