Marketing to Gen-Z Inforgraphic

March 12, 2021

 Start to get to know the Gen-Z! Since the technology evolved so fast, the gap between the generations got bigger. You will be introduced to a generation with whole different specialities rather than the others. They are the first children of technology, they are born between the mid 1990’s and earl 2000’s. The youngest ones are at high school and the old ones are graduated a couple years ago. The importance of getting to know generations is the same as creating segments of your users. There are specific patterns & canals you can communicate with them. Indeed, it’s easy to know the characteristics of Gen-Z, the important part is to implement and have an eye from their point of view. Gather your team together and discuss which values & campaigns you can approach to your potential Gen-Z customer. For more help, check the end of the blog. Now, here are some important tips to remember: 

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