Smart Retargeting

Drive more sales from your Store with Simple and effective Smart Retargeting  with Appgain's smart solutions

 Challenges That You Face

Turn your In-Store Visitors into customers, and your customers to retaining customers

How to reach your customer with a multi-channel, and tailored content and offers?

Out of a thousand prospects , how many convert into a paying customer?

Selling to an existing customer is 2.5-4.5x better than trying to attract a new prospect.

Customer Communication

Conversion Rate



Collect your visitor social network networks and tag their mobile. When they use social 

network , you will be able to reach them later on.


with a unique interlace, retarget your visitors within their preferred social networks. 


With creative and personalized communication your customers will come more often to your stores.

Smart Retarget

Boost your sales by creating retargeted ads that Increase the number of your returned customers

Customer Funnel And Timeline

Know your users' journey and when to retarget them


Retarget your customers with SMS


Retarget your customers with Push Notifications without app /website

Appgain's Smart Solution

Smart QR Code

Generate and Print QR codes for your store marketing

Mobile Deep Pages

Mobile Friendly Pages content rich , Push enabled and optimized for Conversion

Smart Deep Links

Short Links , detects user's context and deliver automated experience


Automate your retargeting and let our solution take care of your customers!

Smart Retargeting  Benefits

Retarget your customers, as soon as they open your links just once  on :



Google ads

Store Customer Retargeting

All in one deep page 

Notification subscription

Once they open your deep page they're prompted to subscribe to your notifications  

Retarget them for free!

And now you could retarget your users 

without having an app or a website for free!

Notifications Retargeting 

Reach your customer anytime

without having an app or a website, FOR FREE

Create your deep page with your offer in it and a clear call to action button

Mobile Deep Pages

Deliver your coupons, digital invoices and offers in mobile friendly and interactive way

1. Once a user enters one of your keywords, your landing pages will immediately popup. 

2. Now you get additional traffic to your campaign and higher conversion rates.

SEO Friendly

Attract more organic traffic to your marketing campaigns.

With our Google SEO ready marketing links

And re-engage your existing users through Google Search

Drive Google search traffic to your mobile marketing campaigns

Mobile Coupons

A recent survey revealed that 96 percent of participating consumers said they used coupons. , the redemption rate of mobile coupons has proved to be ten times higher than those of printed coupons, with 65% redeem mobile coupons within 5 minutes

QR codes , Easier campaigns

Easily create a social media competition using QR codes and deep pages

Get Payments with your local currency , using credit card , even if you don't have payment Gateway

Make it easier for users to pay using a credit card.




Mobile Payment

Survey/Lead Forms

Collecting survey results is now a piece of cake, collect data and get your marketing done right

SMS Marketing


3 SMSs per user

2% only of users clicks the link


1 SMSs per user

12% of users clicks the link


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Drive more sales from your Store with Simple and effective Smart Retargeting with Appgain's smart solutions