Smart Retargeting

Drive more sales to your store with simple and effective Marketing and Remarketing Platform from

The Mobile Growth Platform

Challenges You Are Facing!

Getting New Customers

Getting new customers is a big challenge for business at all specializations! how to get new customer without the high costs of marketing

Remarketign to your current customers

How to get your customers to come back to your store and make a purchase

What does Smart Retargeting help you with?

Smart QR Code

Generate and Print QR codes for your store marketing


Reach and Retarget your customers via Web Push, without mobile app!


Retarget your customers with SMS!

Mobile Landing Pages

landing pages for Push,Payment,lead generation and marketing

Smart Deep Links

the most flexible URL shortener , detects user’s context and deliver automated experience

Customers Analytics

Visualize the customer journey , know who are your loyal customers and who didn’t buy for a while

Social Media Remarketing

Retarget your customers, as soon as they open your links just once on all major social media

Marketing Automator

Customer-Based Marketing automation, SMS On Event, Web Push On Event

How Would Smart Retargeting Help your business!

In-Store Customer Retargeting

Retarget your customers, as soon as they open your links just once  on :



Google ads

Snap Chat



Collect your visitor social network networks and tag their mobile. When they use a social network, you will be able to reach them later on.


with unique interlace, retarget your visitors within their preferred social networks.


With creative and personalized communication your customers will come more often to your stores.

Send rich media SMS!

Enrich your SMS Campaigns with media that improve your conversion rate, boost your sales through Rich SMS

Mobile Payment

Get Payments with your local currency, using a credit card, even if you don’t have payment Gateway

Make it easier for users to pay using a credit card.




Survey/Lead Forms

Collecting survey results is now a piece of cake, collect data and get your marketing done right

SEO Friendly

Attract more organic traffic to your marketing campaigns.

With our Google SEO ready marketing links And re-engage your existing users through Google Search.

Drive Google search traffic to your mobile marketing campaigns.

Notifications Retargeting

Reach your customer anytime without having an app or a website, FOR FREE

All in one deep page 

Create your deep page with your offer in it and a clear call to action button

Notification subscription

Once they open your deep page they’re prompted to subscribe to your notifications

Retarget them for free!

And now you could retarget your users without having an app or a website for free!

Mobile Deep Pages

Deliver your coupons, digital invoices and offers in mobile friendly and interactive way

Make it easier for users to pay using a credit card.


Automate your customer retargeting with smart retargeting thus boosting your conversion rate without you doing anything!

Customer funnel and timeline

Track your users’ journey from throught your funnel to know where you customer drop off, thus cutting down your churn rate!

Our Integration with your POS

Integrate our smart retargeting solution with your POS and enjoy remarketing to your user easily on many different channels like SMS, Social media, Notifications and more!