Leverage your marketing with our advanced software and cohesive platform to get more insightful analysis of your campaign’s results. Do not let customers abandon your call to action as you hold on to retaining users and push up conversion rates simultaneously. 

Here is what we offer your business while OneSignal does not with a fraction of the price

Mobile Attribution

  • Evaluate how users interact with your App and adjust your marketing efforts thanks to our Mobile Attribution system.
  • Measure the lifetime value per user from your campaign.
  • Identify which channel is bringing more qualified users by analyzing audience standard events.

Uninstall Tracking

  • Point out users who removed your App from their smartphones. 
  • Helps you collect users’  IDs and retarget them across multi messaging channels.
  • Tailor your marketing practices and fully correlate campaigns with users’ behavior to motivate users to convert. 

Rich Users Profile

  • Export all of your user’s data into CSV with just a click.
  • Preview all of your audience’s detailed data from the moment the user installs the App.
  • Filter your audience profiles by applying various metrics for better insights. 





Uninstall Tracking
Mobile Attribution
Rich Users Profile
Web Push Notifications
API Integration 

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