Appgain vs NotifyVisitors

June 18, 2021

Do not let users slip away and provide your audience with the ultimate landing experience for higher conversion rates. At we will give you a hand to elevate your business through our marketing solutions empowered by technology.
Here is what we offer your business while NotifyVisitors does not with a fraction of the price
Robust API

  • Links your App easily to transfer data from one interface to another (Zapier Integration).
  • Accelerate Mobile Landing Pages creation with our Rest API or SDK.
  • Connect with your payment platform in no time.

App Remarketing

  • Targets users who installed the App across all online platforms.
  • Encourage eligible users to take the specified call to action.
  • Automatically sync users by adding them to Social Media remarketing and email lists.

Deep Linking

  • Directs users to a specific destination inside the App when clicked.
  • Substantial capability to grant users a taste of your offer in the form of a snippet.
  • Decrease bounce rates by creating a pleasant user experience as users are taken to the relevant landing page of the product they want.

Now that you know what you were missing, Appgain offers you an All-Inclusive package with the most affordable price in the market.




Mobile Deep Linking
API Integration
App Remarketing
Audience Segmentation
App Notifications

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