Do you want to acquire customers who are loyal to you? I know I would like to, but I don’t see this happening anytime soon! But with the help of growth marketing platforms, you get pretty close to acquiring people forever.

So what do you do? You ask a friend of yours who happens to be in the marketing environment and ask him for advice; you might ask him ”how to acquire new users for my app, how do I retain and activate them? ”He gives you an answer “ You should check out CleverTap they’re a mature growth marketing platform in this field and a pretty big platform.”

That’s is right, but in mobile space, there is no “marketing platform swiss knife” for all app marketing needs, top brands marketers usually have to use 2 -5 mobile marketing SDKs trace and react to every action for the mobile customer  

So what does clevertap offer to you?

    See exactly how users make their way through your app with advanced customer insight tools.
    Group users by location, behavior, and lifecycle stage with our powerful segmentation engine.
    Visually build and deliver engagement campaigns across push, email, SMS, and the in-app experience.
    Track your success every step of the way with real-time reports and dashboards.


Okay, so what does appgain provide? We provide

  • Acquire
    Make your app discoverable, acquire users with less cost, Increase your Mobile App Marketing campaign’s CTR and conversion rate.
  • Activate
    Why would you lose your users after acquiring them? Deliver the best user experience with  Personalize users OnBoarding, Shorter signup flow, Automate user activation campaign.
  • Retain
    Keep the user coming back to your app, Deliver personalized content and offers to them, Reward them for referring the app to their friends, automatically respond to user events like an abandoned cart.


You’re lost, right? Maybe you need to dig deeper into the technical details, A table is better, to sum up than me.



Clever Tap

Mobile Deep Linking
A short link sends the user to a specific page inside an app, even if the app is not installed.
Mobile attribution
Detect each user acquisition channel, can identify from where you got the highest LTV App users.
Mobile Landing Pages
Get your app content discovered in the google search, let your users preview your app content even before they install it.
Deep Linked Email
use email marketing to route the user to a specific page in your app even on the desktop or if not having your app installed.
You can track when users invite friends, give out rewards, and measure who your most influential users are.
Push, Web  SMS, Email Notifications
InApp Notifications
App Marketing Automaton
Cloud App Back-end and Database
Mobile A/B test
Rich User Profile
Track and analyze app uninstalls and reasons for it.
Device crossover
Get a single view of users as they move over different devices.


Wow, that’s a lot to take in, but you probably want to make sure you have the best reasonable choice for you, Appgain and CleverTap provide many similar products, but there are a couple of key differences between the two.

1- One-stop shop

Work smart not hard right? If you find a growth marketing platform that gives you everything you need, why would you go and search for multiple providers to give you the same services?!

full mobile marketing platform

2- Price

Well, if you’re a small to a medium app company /indie developer, the higher the price the counterintuitive it gets for you, you might not want to overkill it you might need marketing SDK  at an affordable price, then is the way to go.

Mobile app marketing platform

So if you’re a firm that wants to get into the mobile marketing area, maybe you have an app, or maybe you’re a marketer, Appgain is your choice, providing you with what you want without breaking your bank

Claim your trial now and give our All-in-one platform a test drive, have any questions ? chat with us!



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