Appgain vs Webengage

Published on December 5, 2020

Webengage is a well-known omnichannel messaging software that will help youengage your users through different channels but for some reason, you want awebengage alternative, right?

Appgain is a full-stack web & mobile marketing platform that alsoempowers you to engage your users over the omnichannel, track your lost users& re-target them over all social media channels & improve your appuser experience
through smart deep linking.

So, do you want an omnichannel engagement tool or a full-stack Web and Mobilemarketing platform?
Here’s why we’re the best customer engagement platform on the market and thebest webengage alternative 

What is common between Appgain and Webengage?

Analytics & Segmentation


Through both platforms’ real-time analytics, you will be able to understandyour audience, know their location, demographics, behaviors, etc. You will beable to segment your users based on their behaviors, or their personal dataand reach
them over Omnichannel


Omni-channel messaging

You can engage your users to drive high retention and sales by communicatingwith your users over the multi-channel. You can send them emails, SMS, pushnotifications, web push, WhatsApp messages, etc.
A/B test your campaign by launching multiple variations for your campaign andwill get real-time detailed analytics of how efficient each version of yourcampaign is.
But appgain has something more special, we offer video push notificationsthat will make your push campaign 10x more engaging than standard text pushnotifications.  

Feature Appgain Webengage
Rich Push Notification
Web Push
Video Push
WhatsApp Coming Soon


(How video push notifications work)

What Appgain offers but webengage doesn’t?


Uninstall tracking

According to the Harvard business review magazine, acquiring new customerscan be 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining existing customers. That’swhy we offer you the uninstall tracking product. With this product, you canidentify
who uninstalled your app and re-target them all over socialmedia.


As our attention spans are constantly shrinking overtime, you need to remindyour audience of your product multiple times. Data shows that new users needto see your ads at least 7 times before they start to use your app in a dailymanner.

Feature Appgain Webengage
FB Ads Retargeting
Instagram Ads Retargeting
Google Ads Retargeting
Twitter Ads Retargeting
Snapchat Ads Retargeting
LinkedIn Ads Retargeting

Marketing Automation & Anti Spam Pressure Protection


You want to engage your users, it helps if you design automated marketingcampaigns for the entire app customer experience. But you also don’t want tobe spamming while you are trying to engage them. That’s why we built marketingpressure
protection. To ensure you’re sending your users just the right amountof messages they need.

Feature Appgain Webengage
Marketing Automation
Marketing Pressure Protection


Smart Deep Linking

Appgain smart deep linking helps you to improve your app user experience, soyour app users move seamlessly & smoothly from all of your channels toyour app. They can be routed from SMS message, email, your website, socialads, etc. to
your specified page instantly.

Data proves that deep links can double your activation rate & engagementrate and increase your user acquisition. Through deferred deep linking youraudience can be routed directly to a specific page in your app even if theydon’t have
it installed. Through contextual deep linking, you can know thesource your users came from, so you can measure eachcampaign/channel/influencers’ efficiency & ROI. We wrote a detailedarticle on

what is deep linking, why it matters, and how you can use it.

(how users move from an SMS message to an app page through a deep link)

Feature Appgain Webengage
Standard Deep Links
Deferred Deep Links
Contextual Deep Links

Mobile attribution

Mobile attribution is a powerful tracking tool, it’ll help you trackeverything you want to measure in the marketing funnel, starting from tracking& measuring link clicks, through downloads and installs, to finallyconversion &
revenue tracking.

This tool will give you all the insights you need to know how effective eachacquisition campaign or influencer is and what is the ROI and what are theweak points you need to optimize or eliminate!

But what does webengage have that we don’t?


Journey Designer

Webengage offers a drag & drop interface journey designer. So you canbuild complex scenario-based campaigns easily (just drag & drop).
Good news, that we are working on this feature and will be released verysoon. Here’s a picture from appgain kitchen for our journey mapdesigner.
Still not sure if we’re the best webengage alternative, or got questions? Donot hesitate to reach out and Contact Us!