Mobile Deep Linking Examples – Top 10 Use Cases For Developers

January 13, 2018

It is a hyperlink with automatic routing that references pages inside mobile apps and brings users to your app through a multitude of different pathways.

mobile deep linking features are:

• Detects user location.
• Detects user device.
• Cross-Platform, works on PC, mobile, even if your app is not installed, opposite to standard deep links which work only mobiles that have your app.
• Flexible automatic routing: route your user to open web, post tweet, like FB page, open your app, etc.
• Contextual: depending on your user location, device, has your app /not, it will route them to your predefined routing actions.

Use cases of mobile deep linking for App Developers

• App Installs campaign (Get more app downloads)

Promotional campaigns that include mobile deep linking work for all users on every platform.

When users open or install your app, they’ll see the exact content your campaign is marketing, including any discounts you’re offering.

App Installs campaign

• Engage Your Users 

Using mobile deep linking with your multi-channel marketing campaigns boosts your user’s conversion to install the app and engage with it,

as it offers powerful link generation, referral tracking, attribution, deferred deep linking.

These links worked whether they are clicked on mobile or desktop and directly connect the user to the target content after the install.

• Engage Your Users

• mobile deep linking in Your E-mail Marketing campaigns

Sending weekly email digest of your app offers to your users? Did you know that marketing emails with deep links produced more 50% conversion rate?

Embrace this channel to send your highest value mobile customers straight into your app for the highest possible net gain.

Deeplinks in Your E-mail Marketing campaigns

• App to App Marketing

Promote your app content on other Apps, and also retain the information required to create personal onboarding, tailored content, and user acquisition channel tracking.

App to App Marketing

Mobile Payment

Set your mobile payment scheme to be more user-friendly. With deep linked SMS, What’s App or Emails that direct the user to pay by SMS on Mobile and to pay by Credit Card on the desktop.

Mobile Payment - Deep linking

• App Social Media Marketing

Your app content is viewable and shareable over any channel because mobile deep linking implement social media cards for better user experience while using social media over desktop and mobile. In all cases, your app content is feasible.

App Social Media Marketing

• Turning Desktop Users into Mobile Users

Direct users from your website to your app. Users will be automatically be taken to the content they were searching for on the app even if they need to install the app first.

Turning Desktop Users into Mobile Users

• Advertise in the App’s Content

mobile deep linking help you effectively advertise within the app content. You can also customize the user’s experience with the option to show an App Content Preview on the web to improve installation conversion.

Advertise in the App’s Content

• SMS Marketing

with Deeplinked SMSs, Smart Deeplinks cut your costs by more than half! , also boost your conversion rates by enhancing usability.

SMS Marketing

• Personalize On-Boarding

The first impression lasts, with Deep smart link, deliver to your user’s personalized first app run experience with something unique, like a picture of the friend who invited them.

Personalize On Boarding

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