The Power Of Push Notifications

July 19, 2020


We see and read push notifications all the time in our life, on our phones as regular notifications from apps or browsers, and on our desktop devices as push notifications for the web, but it doesn’t always have an impact on us.

Simply because businesses send generic push notifications, that no one cares about and dismisses it instantly. 

While other businesses give a prime example of the power of push notifications, simply because they know their customers well, and they know how to get their attention! 

So In this blog, we’re going to shed some light on the power of push notifications and how you could use them to your advantage! 

Give The User A Reason To Open Them

We dismiss a lot of notifications on a daily basis, simply because they aren’t important, it’s some kind of update or another generic push notification.

These don’t stick around for much, but you know what sticks? What people want! 

But what do people want? They want an offer for an example! 

push notifications

Like one notification I just got from McDonald’s, It said to get any sandwich today as a combo, I saw the notification, it got my attention, and I made an order.

It’s really as simple as that, also you could add a touch of personalization, let me give you an example… 

If the weather is hot for a couple of days in the country, McDonald’s could push notification like  

“If the weather is too hot for you, cool yourself off with our delicious Sunday’s, Get Cool Now!”

See how simple that was? And yet it’s very effective because it plays on your users’ emotions and it’s personalized for that moment! 

A Call To Action

Most Notifications do not come with a CTA or a Call To Action, though it’s simple and won’t cost them anything more! 

A CTA is your way of guiding your user to where you want them, in the case of the McDonald’s example:

I’ve put “Get Cool Now” to get the customers to make an action which is to buy a Sunday’s! 

But why we need CTA? Simply because with just the notifications your users won’t know what to do.

You need to guide them through your CTA, and it’s really simple to craft a suitable CTA for your notification!



When You’re going for something that catches users’ attention, you might want to go for Emojis! 

They’re fun, colorful and most importantly, they stand out in your copy!

Like in our case, here you have a Push Notification With a burger in it, It catches your attention immediately because it’s not text.

You also get an idea of what does this emoji talks about, it talks about burgers! 

So you get interested, and you read it, know what is it about and buy the burger! Simple as that! 

Automated Push Notifications

Not all automation created equal, that’s because notification automation doesn’t serve only one purpose with the automation.

You could set up your notifications to go when a user makes a purchase, reassuring him that his order confirmed and engaging him.

Also, You could make it fire if he fills his shopping cart but doesn’t complete the purchase, that way you engage him and activate him at the same time! 

You also could set up a full omnichannel marketing campaign with the push notification as a big part of it, alongside SMS, Email, and social media retargeting 

And the best part of automation that you don’t have to be around to collect the fruit, you only set up the campaign, and you just follow up after a while! 

Personalized Push Notifications Are Powerful!

personalized notifications

Personalization is always a step to win your customers, simply every customer wants the business to address him directly! 

That’s why it’s important, simply because personalizing your notifications lets you build a relationship with your customers.

By including his first name in a notification you make your customer feel special.

Combine that with a copy that plays on his emotions and you’ve got yourself an instant purchase! 

Push Notifications For Web

push notification for web

When we think about push notifications we think about our phone, but actually, notifications aren’t only related to mobile, or I must say not only effective on mobile! 

Push notifications for the web are surely growing nowadays, simply because of what made them effective on mobile! 

But they’re more effective on the web because unlike emails, there aren’t spam folders when it comes to push notifications for the web! To learn more about the Appgain rich push notifications, visit our web push notifications product page. 

And a prime example of a popular site that utilizes notifications is Product hunt.

They send awesome web pushes that makes me click to see the product in the notification

If you don’t know Product Hunt, Product Hunt is a website that lets users share and discover new products. The site, which was founded by Ryan Hoover in November 2013.

It’s backed by Y Combinator. Users submit products that are listed in a linear format by day. The site includes a comments system and a voting system similar to Hacker News or Reddit

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