The Exceptional Value Of SMS Marketing

July 03, 2022

Did you know that the average person checks their phones more than 100 times/day? 71% of people check their phones within 10 minutes from waking up, so wouldn’t you want your content to be there when they check! If yes, then SMS marketing is a very suitable option.

Whether your messages aim to advertise for your business, announce specific offers, or draw attention to a specific product, you can guarantee that they’ll reach much more than your content on any other platform.


SMS Marketing

According to reports, 97% of all text messages are read within 5 minutes, so SMS is the fastest way to reach the customer and ensure that they read your message without delay. 

Swiftness ​​is one of the most significant features of SMS marketing. With just a click of a button, you can send your marketing message to many users, unlike many other marketing methods that require a lot of advanced preparation, time, and effort.


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Reach Most Of Your Audience At Once

The SMS system allows reaching a large number of users at one time, it takes a marketing expert to choose the recipients of your messages accurately, as SMS marketing is not about reaching a large number in general but reaching the maximum number of potential customers specifically.


Follow up on reactions to your marketing messages

One of the best features of SMS is knowing the reaction to your messages. Was it interesting? Who opened it? How many users did you reach exactly? Accurate monitoring keeps you informed of your marketing performance using SMS, which helps you continuously evolve.


Benefits of SMS Marketing In A Nutshell

Sending professional marketing SMS can build a strong link between you and customers. It’s a great way to always communicate with your customers, which is one of the most influential marketing pursuits.


  •  Gain extra clients:

The more professional and sufficient your messages are, the greater the interaction with your brand.


  • Save Money:

Text messages are considered one of the least expensive marketing methods, as they are an economical method compared to their results and effectiveness. 


  • Target a specific audience:

SMS marketing allows you to target a specific group with a specific geographic scope, type, or age, and through activities as well.


Tips to take benefit from SMS marketing

SMS campaigns need some things to make them run typically and be successful. Here are some tips to make the most advantage of SMS as follows:


1- Know the target customer segment well to measure your success rate for your target customers.

2- Pay attention to writing clear messages to achieve the main point clearly, considering the limited number of characters. It is 70 characters in Arabic and 160 characters in English.


3- Include a link to your app or website, such as click here, to convert users to your principal platform. 


4- Use an adequate SMS marketing tool or subscribe with to boost your business with a powerful customer engagement platform..


Essential practices to follow before launching SMS campaigns

  1. Ensure that customers have subscribed to SMS services

Text messages are very effective, but only if you consider particular rules. The most fundamental rule of SMS marketing strategy is to get permission from your contacts to send messages to them. SMS has a high reception and response rate, but this will not help if the user is not interested in receiving these messages. Plus, most countries require the consent of the customer.


  1. Verify that the phone numbers are correct

Before starting an SMS campaign, make sure that the customer data you have stored is correct, such as the accuracy of the number, type of carrier, and type of line. This is necessary to avoid wasting resources. The most common mistakes made are sending messages to wrong or disconnected phone numbers due to phone number bypassed validation.


  1. Write clear and direct messages

SMS allows you to write up to 160 characters in English, and only 70 characters in Arabic. The challenge here is to be expressive and make the message clear, concise, and written in explicit language based on your target audience. Avoid emojis and acronyms, and avoid using open-ended messages. Open-ended messages are those that do not provide complete information to the customer, leaving him in a state of distraction. For example, you might invite the customer to a sales season without mentioning when the offers will end. If it is an open message.


The entire SMS sending and monitoring process can easily be automated with SMS marketing tools.


  1. Include a user call to action CTA

The main goal of SMS marketing is customer engagement, messages that contain a clear call to action that the user reads, interacts with, and acts upon.


  1. Catch the right timing

Take your SMS marketing to the extreme by knowing the best time to send a specific message to a specific group of users, as ultra-accurate targeting can be done by segmenting users based on their geographic location, spoken language, and working hours. Avoid sending messages too early in the morning or late at night, as this reduces the chance of a response.


  1. Put your company name

Most business owners send text messages with an abbreviation that resembles their company, which means that the target contacts may not be aware of who is sending the messages, so put the name of the company first to make sure that your customers recognize you.


SMS Integration

Appgain has an integration with Twilio to grant you easy and flexible SMS automation options and ensure you use our SMS Marketing service to the max! 

And there are many other SMS Marketing programs and sites, like: 

  • Klaviyo
  • SMS Misr
  • Postscript
  • Attentive
  • SMS Bump (Yotpo)
  • Emotive
  • TextMagic
  • ClickSend
  • SimpleTexting
  • Avocato
  • SlickText

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