ASO and SEO: One Purpose, Two Different Worlds

July 12, 2020

As a marketer your ears are always wide open to the repetitive terms SEO and ASO interchangeably.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. While ASO is  App Search Optimization.

Although both are focused on optimizing your brand on search engines, they are totally different marketing approaches.

App Search Optimization

Unlike SEO, ASO is mainly about Mobile Applications and their ranking in the software’s App Store whether IOS or Android. It is nevertheless to say that creating the ultimate user experience is not limited to web pages only.

There are more than one metric that enables marketers to measure their Mobile App performance. Analyzing key indicators like usage frequency ,uninstall and download rates make all the difference. They will help you get reliable measurements of your App’s performance.

Collecting such information will assist you in pointing out the flaws in your App. Thus, working on improving these flaws will improve your organic ranking consequently.

The Reviews and Ratings section on the store is an incredible source of information to enlighten your business. It is a space where all users share their positive and negative thoughts upon downloading the App and navigating it. Examining the outcome from various metrics, will give you all the insightful information needed to improve your App.

Once you dedicate time to deliver a more memorable user experience. Your App will rank higher in the store.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is like the high school Football team in the world of optimization methodologies.

Due to the fact that it is commonly used by experts in different fields outside the scope of Digital Marketers. SEO is used by content writers, web developers, and primarily SEO specialists. Also, online users tend to visit websites rather than Applications to look for a specific piece of information on browsers like Google.

SEO is a much cheaper organic version of Search Ads. It is achieved by manipulating totally owned content to optimize your organic discover ability. Using high density content, translates to better readings by the AI systems. Whenever a user searches relevant keywords to the site’s content your site is optimized.

In order to evaluate the website performance you have to inspect your online metrics including page speed, number of sessions and bounce rates.

Bounce rates are extremely critical as it determines the willingness of users to dedicate their time exploring your site. Having a low bounce rate means that users are dropping off your website after checking out only one page and have no further interaction with your site.

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