Retargeting on Instagram: Get your ads to right people

June 09, 2019




Instagram is probably the most popular social media channel today. Especially the younger generation uses it over the older giants like Facebook. It is, really one of the most influential channels to advertise on. But, as with all advertisement, you need to make sure that the ads will reach the right people. In this article, we will have a look retargeting on Instagram to get your ads shown to the interested people!

retargeting on instagram ads statistics
Response on Instagram ads for 2014. Goes on to show the importance of Instagram as an advertising platform. Instagram has grown a lot since then. Source: Statista

Knowing who is interested: it’s all about pixels!

Your marketing budget is precious, and you need to make sure that it is spent on the right places. This is especially true for social media ads. Sure, you get to choose audiences and such, but those alone rarely get you where you need to be.

This is where retargeting comes into play. It means that you can target your Instagram ads towards people who have already shown interest in your campaign, and thus you can keep your message in their mind!

If you capture their Facebook Pixel Id with your product page/landing page etc, you will be able to target them specifically on many social media venues, including the Instagram!

Lookalike audiences: retarget your mailing list

Another way to create retargeting groups for Instagram ads is to upload your mailing list to it, and let Instagram to find accounts linked to those addresses.

This way you will be able to target the people in your marketing list on social media channels like Instagram too. Your ads will be shown to people that you have already reached out to, keeping your campaign visible to them at all times!

retargeting on instagram ads with appgain

So the pixels or lookalike audiences, which is the better way of retargeting on Instagram ads?

Depends, they rather complement one another than replacing. Depending on the context, one can be more beneficial over the other.

If you already have an existing audience with their email addresses available to you, than lookalike audiences will help you with directly going for them when retargeting on Instagram ads.

The thing with that method, however, is that it is for when you already have an audience. Pixel method, however, is more useful when attracting new audiences. Anyone who has visited your product page can become a target for your retargeting on Instagram.

Also, there is no reason why you can’t employ them simultaneously to reach both worlds!

Ok so, where do I start retargeting on Instagram?

First off, having a web presence is a great start to find your retargeting audience. When you have an SEO optimized landing page for your campaign, people searching for what you offer will find your page. This, in turn, lets you collect their Pixel ids, so that you can use these in retargeting on Instagram ads. When you add a lead form to your landing page with an offer for leaving their email address, you can also collect a mailing list, which can be utilized in creating lookalike audiences.

Appgain has the necessary ingredients to make this very easy for you! With our Mobile Deep Pages technology, you can create your mobile optimized and SEO ready landing pages in a matter of minutes. No need to worry about hosting etc either, as we would be hosting the pages on our own servers for you. You can also use your own custom domains for these pages as you like.

Not only will you be able to collect Pixel ids of visitors you can attract to site, but you can also use our ready-built lead form functionality to also create a database of interested people with their information.

Moreover, since they are very easy for people to share on their social media by clicking a single icon, people can lead their networks to your pool for retargeting on Instagram.

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