Never Miss A Customer With Influencer Re-Marketing

March 29, 2020


You’re doing influencer marketing, right? planning your influencer marketing strategy and collecting the gains of influencer advertising

But influencer marketing is a big market, and an effective one too, it’s all around the world.

But every business has its issues, and one of the most major issues when doing influencer marketing is that not everyone converts!

Because not everyone is ready to buy at the moment they open the link

Maybe they might not be interested

Maybe they don’t want it now, it’s really an infinite poll of guesses.

But with people slacking in buying and influencer posts being short-lived like in a story in Instagram

It’s crucial that they make the purchase in the first 24 hours, which is the timing of the Instagram storey for an example.

So there is the problem of, how do I reach my customers who might be interested in buying later!

Influencer ReMarketing Strategy! 

We’ve created a new effective way of reaching your customer who views your product but is not interested in the moment to buy!

It begins with a post from an Influencer like this

A simple tweet from a big influencer promoting your coffee, with your brand name in the link.

Your brand name in the link builds a relationship with your customer because they’re connecting with your brand.

once they open the link, your landing page opens

Now your customer might buy now, or buy later.

if he buys now, then you’ve made your profit which is the point behind the influencer marketing strategy from the beginning

but what if he buys later?

that’s the real trick because you’ll be able to reach your customers even after the influencer post goes away!

here’s how:

Our landing pages have social media tracking that allows you to retarget your customer!

It’ll let you retarget your customer on any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and more!

influencer marketing strategy social media ads

That way you’ll be able to retarget your customers who haven’t bought from you from the influencer’s post, though not only social media retargeting but also Notifications!

Because the landing page prompts the customer to subscribe in the push notifications, that way you’ll be able to reach your customers!

notifications in influencer marketing strategy

And you don’t have to pay again for influencer advertising, to promote your offers

Because your customers are tracked, and ready to be retargeted whenever you want!

influencer marketing strategy

Want to retarget your customers?

We’d like to offer you a 14-days of free trial to get more out of your influencer marketing campaigns!

Retarget customers who opened your landing page via social media or notifications with the assistance of our cohesive platform.

Still, got questions? Do not hesitate to reach out and Contact Us! Request Demo now.