Mobile App Attribution That Tracks Influencer ROI!

March 21, 2020



We all follow or know influencer in our lives, in all businesses, no matter where you are, there’ll be an influencer around.

But when it comes to business, influencer marketing it’s much more complicated than you think.

You rely on metrics and analytics to determine if this is working for you if you’re getting a good ROI!

But the way of doing that is rather complicated, let me tell you why.

Mobile App Attribution Calculations nightmare 

When you start planning on doing influencer marketing through different marketing channel, you set up a conversion funnel tracker!

And let me tell you it’s not an easy thing to do!

First, you have to set up a special link that lets you track your visitors, which is mobile app attribution

Then you have to install a conversion tracker that tracks how many people made a purchase.

But the problem is you might be having another conversion tracker that tracks your overall sales

So how do you separate sales generated from that influencer affiliate link, from the sales that generated organically?

It’s a long story with too many tools and expensive and complicated tools.

The New way of tracking

Now there’s an easy way of tracking those customers from the moment they open the link to the moment they convert!

And it’s really easy, just a link that has your brand name, and you share it, without any previous set up, it’s really easy!

Using our mobile attribution and our smart deep links, you’ll have all the insight you need to know their ROI!

let me walk you through the process

A famous influencer makes a tweet with your link in it

mobile app attribution tracking


the users will open the link, to your app and track them conversion

Once the user opens the app and completes the purchase, it’ll get reported to you in our dashboard, where you could track not one, but multiple influencer’s ROI.


mobile app attribution tracking

Using our dashboard, you’ll easily be able to track your influencers campaign’s statistics like:

  • How Much Clicks
  • From which OS
  • How Much Revenue
  • Different Influencers’ ROI

And all sorts of data you’ll be able to know with our mobile app attribution and our advanced tracking systems!

No hard to use funnels or anything, just our SDK in your app and you’re set to go.

Want to try it?

Do you run influencer based marketing campaigns? We would like to help you know your influencer’s ROI easily and help your business flourish!

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