Increase Your Order Conversion Rate

April 30, 2021


Acquiring new users & turning them into active-loyal customers is every company’s aim. As we mentioned in our previous blog, understanding the user journey is the key to reach that aim, especially for mobile apps. In this blog, you’ll find the main points of the importance of conversion rate & how to increase the “order”, in other words, activation, the conversion rate for your company.

  • What is conversion rate & why is it important? 
  • The ways to increase the order conversion rate (OCR)?

What is conversion rate & why is it important? 

Conversion rate is the percentage of the users who made purchases from the ones that visited your website/ app.

the formula for conversion rate: divide purchased users to all users and multiple with 100.

There can be lots of desired action. Let’s remember the user journey: Awareness – Interest – Consideration – Action – Loyalty – Referral. For example, you want your users to refer you to their friends. It means you need to increase your referral conversion. Another example, you want to increase the number of orders. And this is the main topic of this blog. You can see the most basic calculation above, on the visual. The importance of this rate is that you can set & measure your metrics easily. 

The ways to increase the order conversion rate (OCR)?

First of all, remember that you’re not the only one who’s trying to increase their OCR. 

More than 80% of the basket (the percentage changes according to the industry) stays unpurchased.

e-commerce funnel conversion rate. Only 3.3 visits end with a transaction.

Don’t get so pessimistic either, this blog will help you to start working on increasing your order conversion rate. Here are some actions you can take:

  • Analyze where you lost most of your users. The payment process can be long, the product page can be complicated… If you think about it,  all of the reasons for the churn rate can be a valid answer to your question. To go deeper, you can check our whitepaper for churn rate. One of the tools to identify where you are losing your users, is to use Funnel Analytics
  • Use remarketing pixels. Don’t just lose the users who come & leave without an order. On average, a purchase is being made after the user sees you or your product 7 times. Create remarketing links & build campaigns for those who clicked those links. To see more information, check our link remarketing blog.
  • Make them subscribe: Keep your mailing list & community active. Inform your subscribers consistently if you want to be the first one to consider when they need a product from your service area. 
  • Understand the user behavior & segmentate. Know their interests & prepare your campaign accordingly. segments feature of Appgain


    • Use 360 Marketing: Communicate your user via different platforms. With this, you’ll understand which platform they prefer and you’ll remind yourself in more than one way. 

    To check the use cases & strategies to optimize your order conversion rate, you can check the video below:

    We will be writing for you to make your guide for increasing the conversion rate optimization with more details & more tips for action.

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