Increase Your Campaign Conversion Rate with Link Remarketing

February 01, 2021

Aren’t you tired of spending a lot of money on targeting and engaging with the right user? And ending up with poor metrics and little increase on the funnel traffic… We all do. Reaching the potential audience or the ones who were interested in before, is not that costly and hard anymore.

How to reach the potential audience easily and at the same time for a reachable price?

Remarketing helps you to re-engage with the users who have already acknowledged your existence and maybe even visited your app/website. There are various ways of remarketing campaigns, and important points to make an effective remarketing campaign

First, we should remember that approximately 3 of 4 your traffic comes from new users. The conversion rates are usually placed between 0.5-1.5%.  Now, here’s a fact: 

“Returning Visitors Are More Likely To Convert” 



Returning visitors mean they know you already, they remember you, they decide to come back! So, how to track them, make them remember and convince them to come back? The answer is link remarketing. 

“Link Remarketing multiplies your funnel traffic rates”

What is Link Remarketing?

The link you decide to do a remarketing campaign allows you to remarket the users who clicked the link. It can be any link you want to detect the clickers. 

Use Case #1 If you are using influencer marketing strategy, you can detect the users from the campaign link. Then, you can give them personalized ads via different channels or with the same channel. At the same time, more shares of the link will bring you more users and will give you more opportunity to show yourself again.

Use Case #2 You can find interesting content to get your audience’s attention. Then, create a branded link for the content to attach it to your media channels. As they click to the link and share it with their environment, your audience list grows. Then, you can retarget them!

Reach the right people more, make it less costly. 

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