HowT o Use The Advertiser ID For An Effective Re-marketing Campaign

August 19, 2020

Apps became essential for users and brands and no doubt that every one of us uses it regularly and sometimes we stop using it for many reasons, On the other hand, Mobile app re-targeting became a very important method for marketers to retain users and re-target them to keep the steady and continuous flow in their apps, But ironically, most companies pay more attention to acquiring new users rather than retaining the current ones or re-targeting who uninstalled the app.

While 21% of users abandon the app after one use, Marketers then have to consider that re-targeting should be prioritized before getting more installs, and with a smart Re-marketing campaign, they can hit the nail on the head then. 

So what is Re-marketing? (re-targeting)

It’s a marketing strategy when brands try to re-engage users who already have the app installed on mobile devices or who uninstalled the app.

so marketers will try whether to bring them back or continually keep them using the app with specific offers.

Example Of a Re-marketing Campaign

Here’s an effective way of applying a Re-marketing campaign by using the Advertiser ID which lets you use the activity of your users within your app to reach and re-engage with those users across Search, Shopping, and YouTube, etc

So when a user installs an app let’s say it’s for online shopping the user will begin to search for some items as shopping activity and keep them in the cart without making any decision.

Now user stopped using the app although he/she was interested in some items, so as we mentioned with the Advertiser ID you can use the user’s activity across search and shopping to show the user some ads of the items and products that the user was interested in then the user will need to return to your app.

By applying this campaign effectively it will prompt the user to return to the app and continue his/her shopping and purchase the wanted items.

So acquiring new users is important but retaining and re-targeting them is necessary because users who’ve already installed an app have a greater opportunity to engage and purchase than new users if they’ve already converted in the first place. Our benchmarks might indicate that user acquisition without continued re-engagement might be a waste of time and effort. After all, if nearly 90 percent of users disappear, why try and get them in the first place.

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