Appgain vs Adjust

Published on May 14, 2020

Obtain a broader audience base and retain users by operating advanced Mobile Marketing solutions. Here is what we offer your business compared to Adjust with a fraction of the price
Omni-Channel Messaging

  • Add extra layers to your marketing distribution channels through leveraging our Omni messaging mediums that cover Email, SMS, Mobile, and Web Push Notifications.
  • Save time and gain control over your advertising by bulk scheduling your campaigns beforehand.
  • Manage your content more efficiently by choosing from our various ready to use template selection or customize your own.
  • Build out powerful real-time analysis and take immediate actions to improve the campaign’s performance.

User Pressure Protection

  • Ensure users are not overwhelmed with messages.
  • Align the right messages with the proper users at the perfect time thanks to our intelligent Mobile Automation system.
  • Eliminate any potential pain points due to excessive communication activities.

Reconnect with Lost Users

  • Maintain an ongoing connection with users even after they have erased the App.
  • Drive your customers towards the finish line of the consumer journey.
  • Deliver personalized messages that notify users of your most recent market offering on the Web.



Mobile Deep Linking
Mobile Attribution
User Pressure Protection
Omni-Channel Messaging
Retargeting Lost Users
Deep View
Rich User Profile


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