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What are Web Push Notifications?

Website push notification is an automated direct engaging tool that connects your app website or Mobile Deep Pages with your target customers. It has its own instant mode and outputted to users as a clickable notification or a web browser permission window. What makes browser push notifications so special is that you still can get your subscription boosted, yet don’t have to collect users’ contact data.

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Key Benefits

website push notifications

Smoother than ever

Web push notifications are delivered to users’ desktops/smart screens without any possible delay. They just appear right there in a smooth and agile way, even if users are somewhere else rather than on the website.

browser push notifications

Instant constant reminders

Notifications here, notifications there, notifications everywhere! Web push notifications can easily reach your users even if they are not navigating your website. That’s how this booster gives you the privilege of popping up on the top of your users’ mind all the time.

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Beating spam filters

When Emailing or SMSing your users, you are always threatened by the spamming option! They can easily list you as spam and you will never reach them again. On the contrary, web push notifications – somehow – manage to beat spam filters, Which means that your message will surely reach your users.

website push notifications - appgain

Once allowed, always allowed

All it takes is to be accepted only at the first time. Once your users allowed your notifications request, you two will be always opted-in at any time and on any desktop/smart screen. That way you can enjoy the boosted conversion rates and the increased opt-ins.

browser push notifications

Getting boosted on the widest scale

Web push notifications are all-powerful! They occupy a market share that is +75. What is that supposed to mean? It means that there is no browser web push notifications can’t work on. They can reach users whether they are on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Safari.


  • Real time Conversion Tracking

    Real time Conversion Tracking

    Stay informed of user flow and make further improvements based on detailed real time conversion metrics.

  • delivery scheduling

    Delivery Scheduling

    Schedule it and forget it, Automatically send relevant notifications to users.

  • Web Push On Event

    Web Push On Event

    Increase marketing relevance by running automated behavior-based push campaigns , thanks to Appgain.io Automator

  • JS SDK Web Push Notifications

    JS SDK

    Easily to integrate with your website

  • app marketing automation


    Even if you do not have a website , get web push subscribers , thanks to default integration with Mobile Deep Pages

  • Webs push Chrome only, Desktop & Android


    Chrome only, Desktop & Android

Users don’t have your app yet? You still can reach them

website push notifications use-case

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