Use Cases

App Churn Ratio Reduction

Reduce App Churn Ratio

Here's a quick guide on how to leverage marketing automation tools like to reduce mobile app churn rate using push notifications, video push, and SMS messaging:

  • Identify the triggers for churn rate: Determine the reasons why users are leaving your app. Use Appgain CRM and analytics tools to identify patterns and common behaviours of users who churn.
  • Develop a strategy: Based on the insights from the analytics, create a strategy to re-engage users. Use personalized and targeted messaging that addresses the reasons for churn.
  • Use push notifications: Send push notifications that remind users of new features, promotions, or personalized offers. Make sure the messaging is relevant and personalized.
  • Try video push: Use video push notifications to provide an interactive experience that encourages engagement. Use engaging visuals and messaging that highlight the value of the app.
  • Use SMS messaging: Send personalized SMS messages that offer incentives or alerts to users. Use data-driven insights to personalize the messaging and make it relevant to the user.
  • Shorten Conversion Funnel: using Deep Links in Push, Appgain Smart Links in SMSs